ASTRO #OlaBola @ Hongdae-Mun, One City USJ Skypark

By Grace Myu - July 23, 2014

My first Churp Churp Malaysia event happened to take place in One City USJ Skypark! A relatively new mall, I managed to find a parking easily within its parking bays.

I arrived there about 5.30pm-ish as a Churp Churp Influencer, equipped with my camera, phone and tablet fully charged along with two powerbanks, just in case lawl.

The event was hosted by Astro hosts Reuben Kang and Jun Yong! There were plenty of bloggers and influencers present... I think close to 100 people including their plus ones! We were given tasks to complete for the day - which include checking into Facebook, digital face painting with world flags, multiple social media postings, and even playing football games!

We were served with yummy yummy Korean buffet food!
(´ ▽`).。o♡

And I got the chance to meet the Tiah family and little Fighter in real life! #foreal

Since it was my first time in One City, I decided to seize the moment and enjoy the scenery from the top floor and sit at the glass floor to take photos. At first I was chilled and happily snapping photos away then suddenly more and more people came onto the glass piece and one important thought came to me....

"What if this glass breaks?!?"

As you know, ACCIDENTS are really common in Malaysia nowadays, especially in SHOPPING MALLS (think fall from escalator, fall from 10th floor of a shopping mall, commit suicide, etc etc) thus I DID NOT WANT TO TAKE THAT RISK. Nor do I want to think of any more what if's.

Abrupt ending because I didn't stay until the end of the event!

anyway if you are really keen to see more pics from the event, do look out for the hashtag #OlaBola & #StadiumAstro! Those keywords really do have a lot of pics there for your viewing pleasure!

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