Bloggers Day Out @ Klang Parade!

By Grace Myu - June 30, 2014

Caroline May Ling & I at Hip Hop Arena, Klang Parade

Today will be the LAST DAY OF JUNE! It has been a busy whirlwind month for me, filled with activities every week (hence the lack and delay of blog posts), also no thanks to interrupted internet for the whole month fml!! So now I'm gonna rewind back a bit to the first weekend of June, where I was invited to join a group of selected bloggers to go on a short excursion to discover the refurbished KLANG PARADE!

Just a little bit of info, Klang Parade is fully owned and operated by Lion Klang Parade Sdn Bhd and an indirect subsidiary of ARA Asia Dragon Fund, managed by ARA Asset Management Ltd (real estate fund management company).

I received a simple invite with not much info disclosed, only date-time-venue. However, we were promised that it will be a FUN DAY where we get to explore the mall and indulge in some girly tea party and such! 

I was dead curious to attend this event
(though my beloved cousin Victoria's wedding falls on the same weekend!)
luckily I rushed back just in time for it hehs!

So we began our day gathered at the Information Counter, located Ground Floor just in front of the Main Entrance of the mall. Super easy to locate. I was lucky enough to park near a lift that leads straight up to it!(^_-)≡★

The group of bloggers and I were guided around the mall with a "tour guide" from the PR rep of Orchan Consulting Asia, like a group of school kids on a rombongan lawatan sambil belajar. We were even given big tags like A4 paper sizes to stick behind our backs 
well, all of us weren't so silly to do that. It would have been funny tho, if someone were to pull a prank and write KICK ME. Oh good times.

So after a full guided tour around the six-storey mall, we were informed that there will be CHALLENGES during our excursion! So first destination, we went to
NEXT Hip Hop Arena!

NEXT Hip Hop Arena reminds me a lot of Asian Avenue in Sunway Pyramid, where there are lots of local mini boutiques catering clothes and accessories for teens and young adults.

So we gathered around at an empty area towards the back near the food stalls, and we were given our first task - dress like the celebrity! Winner will get a mystery prize!!

Each of us received an envelope containing different celebrities. When I opened mine, I jumped with joy because it's way too simple - it was Kim Kardashian in a red tube peplum dress and red heels!

The winner for this challenge was the girl in the pink flare skirt! She got to keep all the clothes on her!

Next up was a FOOD CHALLENGE. Not just any food, it was Japanese Food! At Don Kaiten, Ground Floor near the Main Entrance.

The task is to finish our given meal the fastest. There was a bowl of green peas, plate of sushi (filled with lots of wasabi inside among other things) and two bottles of water. Must finish EVERYTHING (one bottle of water quota, too. another given as extra, just in case)

There will be 3 winners for this task. I knew it would be tough because though I loveeeeeee Japanese food, I CAN'T STAND WASABIIIII! FML. So I gave up in my mind and eat very slowlyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. Cos I hate wasabiiiiiiiiiii. Ish.

Winners for this task. The middle guy was the champ, and burped freakishly LOUDLY that everyone laughed their heads off! I SWEAR I HAVE NEVER HEARD ANOTHER BURPED SO LOUDLY AND OBNOXIOUSLY IN MY LIFEEE!! ZOMG

Next we visited Beautyland (also located Ground Floor of the mall). This was just a mini workshop, especially for beauty bloggers! We were given masks to try on and played a mini lip balm game.

Last but not least, we were brought to ECONSAVE (located the lowest floor of the mall). The challenge was to find 10 unique shopping items and add on more items to reach the closest to RM100! Me being the silly one thought there was a time limit so I raced and finished first! Mana tau, there wasn't any time limit, they just wanted the results that can match closest to RM100.

And the 3 winners get shopping vouchers at Econsave are.....
fml I could have saved on groceries for the week

I lost by RM0.60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Group pic!
I faked a smile because I didn't win anything.

Anyway! Thank you Klang Parade for having me, I had a great time!!!
(at least I went home not empty handed else I would have 
started cursing over and over again lol just kidding!)

Visit Klang Parade Facebook here -

2112 Jalan Meru
41050 Klang

Open Mon-Sun 10:00am - 10:00pm
Phone 03-3343 7889

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