How I actually feel about turning 26.

By Grace Myu - May 14, 2014

This post will just be about my thoughts. About me.
All about me.
All my inner thoughts and voices.
About turning 26.

Honestly, it hasn't hit me yet.
People say once you reach 25, that's when you face the inevitable Quarter-Life-Crisis.
Not me.

An average 26-year-old living in Malaysia would still be living under their parent's roof, especially if you are still living in the same city. No thanks to the sky high rocketing prices of properties in Malaysia and peanut income, one in KL cannot simply live luxuriously on an average of RM2,000-4,000 income.

As for me, yes I admit I am still living under my parent's roof (or bf most of the time now). I do not need to carry the burden of paying a monthly instalment for a car, a house or any type of rent of that sort. I can say that most of my spendings are solely for my daily living.

I hate it when people look at you differently when I tell them "I work freelance". It's the look of "why aren't you doing a full time job, like everyone else in the rat race?" or even "why are you wasting your life away when you have a double degree?"

First of all, do you even know what does working freelance mean? Well, to simplify - I get income whenever I embark on a project. What kind of projects exactly? As for me it ranges from supplying talents, working part time one-day jobs, modelling, writing jobs, or even blogging. Anything within my field of expertise.

Not true for the last picture for me, at least :D

Why do I chose to work freelance?
Simple. It pays almost similar to a full time job, just the hours are so much lesser.
I can earn a full timer's pay by working half the amount of time needed.

Also, I want to love what I do. I definitely do not want a 9 to 5 job if it is going to make me a miserable person. I do not want to spend my miserable half of the time I'm awake, or more. I want to wake to what I love doing, so that it does not has to feel like work at all.

Throughout my whole life, all I can ever remember is pushing myself further, challenging my limits and non-stop going towards my goals. At 15, I was the only one among my friends who was shortlisted for Seventeen Hottest Babe during Seventeen Summer Splash (we went there as a group). The following two years, I went to Seventeen Summer Splash again but this time I was crowned Seventeen Hula Babe. After that, I was a finalist two notable pageants in Malaysia, namely Miss Malaysia World and Miss Malaysia Earth in 2007. During those moments I also contributed to a local fashion website Tongue in Chic. I was their first batch of contributors, under the reign of editor Joyce Wong at that time.

Then, I remember my uni days being very ANTI-SOCIAL (sorry friends if I acted the way I did!) and focusing on Enspired Events every waking minute. I was so into the bazaar scene that everyone just remembered me for just exactly that. I swear I could not walk into a bazaar without being recognised by the vendors. Well, long gone are the days where I always needed to go undercover. I can now freely shop as a normal shopper.

I believe that every single career choice will affect us for the rest of our lives. If I'm going to settle for a job just because "it pays the bills", then that's not going to be a long-term goal for your career. Choose something you are passionate about, it will bound to lead you to your dream job.

People say working freelance is a luxury, I say it's not.
It's only a luxury if people are constantly knocking on your door without you even trying to look for jobs.
I can say that I sometimes only get to enjoy this little luxury.
Entrepreneurship is the next level.

Since I said that my spendings are solely for my own daily expenses, I also sometimes wonder what will I do if I have to support for my parents or even future family of my own. That will be decided as the time comes I guess. For now, I'm happy and contented with my lifestyle and hope to open an online business very soon, so stay tuned.

I sometimes look at our own local bloggers like Kenny Sia (who has earned enough through blogging and opened his own gym), Cheesie (who travels around the world very frequently) & Kinky Blue Fairy  (who quit her full time job to be a full time blogger) who have each carved their own career path, it's very motivating to push me forward towards my own path. Of course, I may not end up blogging full time in future, but I know that blogging will definitely open up many doors for me in the future as I tell my story to the world :)

So yes, come what may - 26 may just be a number but it definitely doesn't stop me from doing the things I love! I do not need to conform to what society thinks because I'm very happy and contented :D

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  1. yes....i prefered freelance doing freelance...can do whatever i want .can take off boss...nobody control me..haha

  2. i'd much rather prefer working for myself, too! and i don't think freelancers are lifeless. i just think they prize the time commodity more.

    even though i'm working on an online store right now, i, too have thoughts to expand to something real. so everybody has dreams. everyone's on a pursuit of something. you're not alone!!! and 26 is still way too young ;D

    happy 26th x

  3. @yana koh
    Yes not having a boss to report to is also one of the perks of being your own boss! How's freelance life treating ya?

    Glad u have the same entrepreneurship spirit too! 26 feels old at the speed of things are progressing nowadays hehs. All the best to your online store dear! Wishing u the best in your pursuit! :))