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By Grace Myu - February 26, 2014

Have you ever been to a fish spa?

Last Saturday, I was invited to join The Butterfly Project's outing to Kenko Fish Spa @ Pavilion KL, courtesy of Worthy Book! There were a total of 50 invited guests, split into 2 sessions: 1.00pm-1.30pm // 1.30pm-2.00pm. I was scheduled to be in the first session and I managed to arrive on time (yippeee!), despite the slow traffic that afternoon :)

Aside from cleansing your feet's dead cells, Kenko Fish Spa also offers nail spa, foot reflexology as well as shoulder, foot and hand massage!

Kenko Fish Spa has quite a number of awards under their belt!

Step-by-step guide on how to regulate yourself at the fish spa!

Some info on Doctor Fish (Garra Rufa)

Hot Spring near Kangal, Turkey

Why they are known as Doctor Fish
Able to ease the symptoms of those suffering from skin conditions such as psoriasis.

How they get popular in Asia
The Japanese and Koreans brought the trend into Asia in the form of Fish Spa Resorts.

For the First Time in Malaysia
The First in the world to have a Garra Rufa Fish Spa built in a shopping mall.

The Benefits
  • Natural form of exfoliation of dead skin from our legs and feet. Smoother skin with easy moisturizer absorbtion.
  • Micro-massage sensation from these 'little masseurs' to promote blood circulation.
  • Lightening of minor scars.
  • Easing of psoriasis and minor eczema.
  • Slight ticklish sensation - release stress and tension!
Kenko Fish Spa: Hygienic & Clean
  • Water is changed daily.
  • Water is treated with 2000W Ultra Violet Sterilization - to kill virus and bacteria in water.
  • Sand filter - to filter out big particles like leftover fish food, food waste, etc.
  • Ozone treatment - to break liquid waste such as sweat, urea, blood, etc. into oxygen and natural water form.
  • PH level at neutral.
  • Temperature: Controlled at approximately 30 degree Celcius

Alright, after getting educated, here comes the pampering part!!!

We had to wash our feet and spray on enzyme (in case the fish dies of stinky feet) before dipping our legs into the pool!
The feeling of the bigger Garra Rufa fish bitings feel absolutely freaking... TICKLISH!!! The girls were screaming in high pitch, making the whole fish spa sounds a bit of S&M going on lol~

We realized that the fish were attacking mostly on our heels and inner parts between our toes! That's why it was difficult to snap pics of the fish lolol~ I guess that's where all the dead cells built up are! ;)

Spotted any familiar faces? :D

Here with me is Illy Ariffin, who is an admin of The Butterfly Project, who is also due to give birth VERY SOON! She still has a sharp V-shaped face despite being heavily pregnant!! *envious*

And of course, not forgetting the loveable mamasan of The Butterfly Project, Tammy Lim or better known in the blogosphere as Plus Size Kitten!

Thank you for reading this far! Signing off!

A heartfelt gratitude to:

Worthy Media Sdn Bhd (www.worthybook.my)
E: info@worthybook.my
T: 03-7960 6100 / 016-866 0611

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  1. V shape face? camera trick semua tu hahahahahaha...

    Nice meeting you on that day babe! hope to catch up again next time!

  2. @Illy Ariffin
    No camera tricks I swear! I'm envious!
    YES catch up with you soon but I am guessing you will need a lot of rest once the baby arrives!