Makeup Review: 3 Concept Eyes Lip Pigment (3CE) in Electro Pink

By Grace Myu - February 11, 2014

Hi readers!

You may be hearing "3 Concept Eyes" or better known as 3CE for short, especially towards the end of last year in Malaysia. However did you know that 3CE has been around since January 2009?

Well, I did a little research and it turns out that 3CE is a makeup brand by STYLENANDA, Korea's leading fashion house. For those who have not heard of Stylenanda, do take a look at these pics below and see if they are familiar!

SO YES! From the same creators of Stylenanda, here comes some premium Korean makeup!


So today I'll be reviewing the much raved about Lip Pigment from the 3CE series. I first saw this brand getting popular especially on my Instagram timeline last year. It is then during my year end HK trip in December, I saw this baby on SALE so without hesitation, I instantly grabbed it!

I got this baby for about HKD65 from Bonjour.

I realized that snapping photos with flash will enhance the electric pink colour of this lip pigment. If taking a photo with flash, the colour will not come out too harsh. Therefore you need not worry if this lip colour will leave you looking like a surreal plastic barbie!!! PLUS POINT!!!

Here's a pic of me without flash, in Electro Pink.

Overall, I'm loving this lip colour as it has lasting staying power! The price is reasonable because the product lives up to its hype :) I finally found this perfect shade of pink for days I'm feeling like Nicki Minaj lols!

Retail Price: RM55.00-78.00
Can be found at: 

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