Launch of Phat Barrels @ Publika Shopping Gallery KL

By Grace Myu - January 23, 2014

Hey all! I've just been to the launch of Phat Barrels last night! It's a new hang out spot in Publika, just situated the outdoors area along the F&B street (Block A to be exact)! There were lots of people there, I spotted quite a few popular Facebook personalities there too :)

First of all, lemme introduce to you the woman who made this possible - Belle Leng Sean! If you don't know her yet, she's the sister of the ever-popular Friendster/Facebook superstar Leng Yein!

This is mega superstar big sis LENG YEIN! Notoriously famed in Malaysia social media and party scene! Currently carving out a name for herself in DJ-ing recently! Only few months into the scene and she has landed a spot in Indonesia as a guest DJ!

A fellow freelance model friend Venisse - she's got one of the best skin around! :D

Dine. Tap. Chill.

Fellow gymjunkie Karen Kho (hey babe I walked back all the way to PB just for you & Aligathor! *insidejoke*)

Ashley, me, Karen & Wyman. Ashley is my dear bf's baby sis! :) upcoming FB superstar with 45k++ followers at this moment of typing!!

I tried this yesterday and it tasted better than the usual caramel popcorn! :DD Sinful max!

 With cuties Ashley & Jasmine

You def missed out a lot yesterday! You should try out this place for yourself!

Btw Phat Barrels is having a monthly iPad giveaway so go try your luck winning it! Just hashtag #PHATBARRELS_KL when you post a picture on Instagram (remember to tag them @phatbarrels_kl) or just share their Facebook Page out ;)

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  1. Wow. so fast wei your post of the event. Wasn't it just last night? :O

  2. @Nick

    Yes it was just a day ago, I had time so I decided to make a quick post about it ;)