Jess Khoo's Birthday 2013!

By Grace Myu - December 10, 2013

It was a rainy Thursday evening when I reached Loudspeaker, Kota Damansara. It was a gathering of Jess' work acquaintances, mostly made up of KL's freelance models and photographers.

When I burst into the room, everyone were already halfway through the karaoke session. I saw familiar girl faces: Avril Leovine, Audrey Teo, Venisse C, Jia Chyi, Patricia and long lost friend Christine Pang. We bump into each other every now and then for freelance work :)

So let's cut to the chase and move to picca time!

Le Beauties 

Boys occupied with their toys!

Birthday girl! Try guessing her age? XD

Happy Birthday baby face! May there be more happy years to come! We love you!

Candid Group Shot by Jawsus Cheng

Photo Credits: Kwan Wen Ching, Jawsus Cheng, Christine Pang.

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