An Afternoon Tea with Jane 'Chuckei' Lau

By Grace Myu - December 09, 2013

This may be a backdated post (almost a month ago!) but nevertheless it was one of the most inspiring day of my life :D

So here goes: I was blog hopping one fine day when I stumbled across Jane's blog. I am an avid Instagram fan of hers(!) and wow there she was, inviting her readers to a little outing in conjunction with Lacoste's new boutique opening!!

So on 16th Nov itself, I got a call in the morning from a Lacoste rep, telling me that there was a reader pull-out thus they were offering me a chance to meet Jane in person! I actually have plans made for that day already (Living Social's 5k Zombie RUN!) but I thought I could squeeze in some time just to meet Jane!

❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 

So fast forward to the event, I arrived about one hour late due to bad weather (it was raining cats and dogs) and horrid traffic!! Everyone - the readers and Jane herself are already standing in line for a group photo! Imagine how SAD I was knowing that the event is about to end when I braved the weather and traffic just to see my fave blogger! I thought to myself "SIGHHHH I just wasted my efforts!" So I actually just stood around in Lacoste, standing alone in silence like a phoney wallflower, waiting for the group photo ops session to be over, just to apologize to Jane and say "Sorry for being the TARDIEST person ever!"

But instead, once the group photo was over, Jane actually walked up to me! She said that I reminded her of Daphne (the best friend). But nonetheless, even though she knows that we are just newly acquainted, she offered to take a photo with me!

My most respected blogger actually being humble and offered to take a picture! I felt somewhat special :)

Not long after that, a few of her readers came up to me and started to ask for pictures too! Of course, I obliged :)

Some of them told me, that I had a "blogger look" (I wonder what does that mean O.o) hence I should update my blog more often! I felt that I may have stole the limelight for a little while because all the readers came up to me, one by one, for pics lol.

I really was inspired again to revive my blog and take it seriously because so many of them believed in me. These strangers, whom I have met only for a brief moment, could see something special in me. Thus explains the inspiration to blog more often again.

So anyway, I really want to thank Lacoste for the exclusive invite and also Jane for being gracious towards me!! Am really grateful to meet all of you that day! :)


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