Kia Picanto

By Grace Myu - October 21, 2013

With the rising costs of fuel in the country (who's feeling the wallet pinch in the recent 20 cents per litre increase?), young adults entering the workforce may find it difficult to cope with new responsibilities as they take on a new position in life. Thus, the introduction of the new Kia Picanto is a timely solution for first-time car owners, or those simply looking to exchange their gas-guzzlers for a more fuel-efficient alternative.

Among some of the attractive comfort and safety features we can look forward to in the new Kia Picanto includes six airbags (not usually seen in other cars in this segment), four disc brakes and LED daytime running light and rear combination lamps, just to name a few. The 1.2AT version will also come with keyless entry with smart key and push start button, as well as 15” alloy rims and Bluetooth with steering wheel remote control. 

Pics courtesy of Naza Kia by GO Communications.

Longer and larger than its predecessor, the new Picanto promises more passenger comfort as well as a 25% increase in cargo space – ample room to store change of clothes, spare shoes and other necessities that will take one straight from the office to the gym, and then out for dinner with friends. 

True to its tagline, “All in smALL”, the new Kia Picanto proves that good things do indeed come in small packages. For those looking to enjoy a car offering no-fuss driving with premium quality and features without breaking the bank, then the new Kia Picanto is certainly the way to go. 

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