By Grace Myu - February 25, 2010

So I've decided to  dump my old posts into somewhere in the www. I figured that my old pics and entries do not reflect my current self right now, and I do not want to be judged for things I've said or did in the past. It's funny how I used to think those old pics of myself look so good then. Now all that goes through my head's like, "What was I thinking??!?" LOL. I guess some things are better off private.

For the people that I've hurted, I'm sorry. I wish that things will be better between us, no matter how impossible it may seem right now.

On another note, it's still Chinese New Year and been enjoying myself by stuffing food into my system. Upon arriving home from Penang, I've slowed down a lot. However, am looking forward for Chap Goh Mei on the 28th. Don't know why but have a feeling that it'll be a fun day!

Ok peeps, I may not update here as often but I'm always on Facebook and Twitter. You may stalk me on my Twitter and maybe on Facebook, if I personally know you HAH! Sorry, but I like to keep my Facebook acc for my personal contacts only. My Twitter is public!

Good night peeps!

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  1. reading this in 2021 and wishing you'd have kept your old archives for posterity. hope you've been keeping well, grace. it has been a hot minute. ♡