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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Intensive Moisture Bi-phase Serum

Sunday, 4 February 2018

If you read my blog often enough, you would know that CLARINS is one of my fave skincare brands. In December, I was presented with the new hydration serum HYDRA-ESSENTIEL range and of course, as I have dry sensitive skin - I was looking forward to use and see its results!

Before going into the review, if you must know - when choosing a skincare brand, I always stick to one that has a long history of innovation. There are so many beauty brands on the market right now out there and a new ones pop up every month. Being a consumer, it is easy to get confused sometimes - trust me, I've been there. If I am going to invest in my skin, I might as well go for one that is reputable and creates effective products.

Clarins has a history of 49 years in creating hydration products and improves its formula with time.
What I like about Clarins is that they always listen to nature and use science to create new product formulation based on their observation of what plants can do.

So when Clarins created this new range, its star ingredient is the "Leaf of Life" (scientific name kalanchoe pinnata). This plant, in particular, caught the attention of Clarins ethnobotanist, Jean-Pierre Nicolas during one of his trips to Madagascar. The leaf of life (which name was given by Madagascans) is able to remain full of water despite many changes in temperature.

The new intense blue for bi-phase serum is reminiscent of crystal waters and purity. The signature scent of the Hydra-Essentiel range is a green, fruity fragrance combining notes of jasmine and rose with nuances of wood, vanilla and musk. It smells absolutely refreshing once I spritz some onto my palm.


One thing I dislike about this product though is the pump. As the product is rather liquidy, the product could be spritz clumsily if I were to press the pump a little too hard or too fast. It is quite difficult to adjust my pressure because the pump isn't as smooth to press down. The trick is to push is slowly and gently, but that would mean it takes a longer time to get the product out of the bottle and it is a hassle especially when you are pressed for time to get ready.

Other than that, once you get used to the dispensing process, the product does give a boost of hydration to the skin. It absorbs into the skin very quickly despite being oil-based and leaves the skin feeling velvety smooth.

I didn't experience any overnight success with this - it has to be used regularly to see results. I would have preferred to see results after a few days but it takes a few weeks minimum for me. I have experienced hydrated skin instantly when I used other hydration serums in the past hence I had high hopes for this. Let me tell you that there this isn't a miracle overnight quick fix; if that's what you're looking for.


I'd say you can skip this if you're currently happy with your hydration serum. But if you are looking to include a hydration serum into your routine, you can give this a go because it isn't too bad itself - it's just that it needs time and diligence to see results.

The bi-phase serum retails for RM248 for a 30ml bottle and is available 15 Jan 2018 onwards at all Clarins counters nationwide.

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