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Dinner @ Motorino + Justice League Premiere @ PictureHouse Cinema, Genting Sky Avenue

 🙋🏻Hello beauties 🙋🏻

Just wanted to share an update on my recent adventures at Genting - again!

In mid Nov, I was invited to DC Comics' Justice League Movie Premiere up in the sky at Genting PictureHouse Cinema! If you don't know, Genting has a cinema with 4 halls, fully equipped with Dolby Atmos sound system which is touted as the "next generation audio for cinema".

I was given two tickets for the movie premiere, inclusive of a full dinner treat by Motorino (a pizza joint from Brooklyn, New York), a pre-movie hangout at DC Comics Cafe and a complimentary room stay at First World Hotel for the night - thus there is no person in the world I'd like to share this experience with, other than my very own boyfriend! ♥️

My boyfriend, Jack is very into movies (especially blockbusters) and plus Genting is actually our first date venue (we went up to watch a rock concert, WITH HIS PARENTS ON OUR FIRST DATE), thus it was the perfect opportunity to revisit this place.

Dinner @ Motorino

Motorino is the perfect place to dine in if you're a pizza and pasta fan! There is the world famous Neopolitan Pizza served here and it comes in one standard size (12 inches), perfect for one person. The way you hold the pizza is not like our usual pizzas in Malaysia, you gotta hold both edges and fold in the middle because the pizza is soft in the middle!

We thoroughly enjoyed the pizza and we def wouldn't mind going for a second round here next time!

Motorino is located at Level 1, Sky Avenue Mall, which operates between 10am-10pm daily.

Hangout @ DC Comics Superheroes Cafe

Once we're done with dinner, we dropped by DC Comics Superheroes Cafe for a quick dessert and took group photos before the movie premiere!

This cafe is definitely a haven for DC Comics lovers! Here, you can find yourself human size wax figurines (personally I think The Joker looks very real and ultra scary IRL), comics merchandizes and even some desserts to fix those sweet tooth cravings! The whole cafe is decorated with comic book pages wallpapers and looks pretty Instagramable!

DC Comics Superheroes Cafe is located at T2B-06, Level 3 Sky Avenue Mall.

Justice League Premiere @ PictureHouse Cinema

Without further ado, I hereby introduce to you

This is my first time entering the cinema, and it is very different from the previous one when it was in First World. Truly the sound system in here is something out of this world and being able to experience it with a superhero blockbuster is truly sensational!

Also, do check out their washrooms as you will be very pleased with their neon-light-humans as their entrance signage.

As for Justice League movie review, I would say I'm a little disappointed with the storyline buildup and I felt that it is pretty simple and straightforward. But then again, with so many protagonists in the picture, I can see why it is still best to keep it simple.

PictureHouse Cinema is located at Level 1, Sky Avenue Mall.