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Friday, 15 December 2017

Althea Wanderlust Beauty Box (Limited Edition) Unboxing & Review

Friday, 15 December 2017

Hello beauties!

Today I'm back again with another beauty box haul from Althea Korea!

If you're not familiar with Althea Korea, it's an e-commerce website selling all things kbeauty, waaaaaayy cheaper than your retailers in your country. Products are 100% authentic and the best part is they ship internationally for FREE if you spend a certain amount on the site!

So today I'll be sharing with you beauties the
I have reviewed Althea Boxes previously and you can click here to see them!

This box is curated specially by Althea team and once it's sold out, there will be no restock!
That's the way it is and will be for all specially curated Althea Boxes.

Boxes are curated based on a specific theme each time, so my advice to you for buying Althea Boxes is - BUY IT WHEN YOU SEE A *NEW* BOX AVAILABLE! If you see and like it, there will be no time for second guesses because once you miss it, IT'S GONE FOREVER.

However, don't fret if you didn't manage to snag a box because there will be new ones added every few weeks. So to stay on top of the game, be sure to subscribe to Althea's newsletters for latest updates. That's how I usually get to know about new box releases!

One great thing I have to mention about this beauty box is that you can see ALL THE ITEMS IN THE BOX before purchasing! I know some boxes have a minimum subscription whatsoever but these boxes don't!

By the time this review is up, this very box will be sold out, but no worries - you can still purchase any item you see here individually on the site (though it is much more worth it to buy them together in the box!).


So back to the box, here's my unboxing and thoughts about each product -

Aqutop Water Color Blusher in Soft Pink (worth RM58)

With Aqutop Blusher. Very subtle blush look.

What It Is: 
A liquid blusher that comes in a nail polish-like bottle!

How To Use: 
You traditionally use it alone as a blusher but you can also use it together with a liquid highlighter to make that cheek pop! Dab and blend with fingers - perfect for makeup beginners! Moreover, you can use it over your eyelids and lips for a monochromatic makeup look!

What I Like About It: 
This blusher absorbs into my skin easily and doesn't mess up my makeup! Infused with Celbioniqu Water and Damask Rose Water, this blusher is perfect for keeping my skin moist (especially for colder months) and delivers the iconic Korean dewy look instantly.

Peripera Mini Mini Peppy's Carrier - Yellow (worth RM99)

I applied Ink Concealer as my highlighter and Ink Multi as my bronzer and eye base.

Once blended out with fingers and sponge, it looks pretty seamless!

Left to Right: Vivid Tint Water // Vivid Tint Water + Ink Airy // Ink Velvet

What It Is: 
A travel luggage filled with 5 mini Peripera products including 3 lipsticks, 1 concealer and 1 Multi Shadow Cream to achieve a full face of makeup on the go! You can also customize your New York themed stickers as you wish, pull/push the handle and rotate the luggage wheels 360 degrees!

How To Use: 
Dab and spread lipsticks using fingers onto the lips and also cheeks as a blusher OR use a brush for more precise application. As for the concealer, apply under eyes and along the T-zone for some highlight while using Multi Shadow on eyelids and as a liquid bronzer.

What I Like About It: 
The size of it is PERFECT for travel! They're so small and honestly, you don't need a lot of product for fuss-free makeup! As travelling to humid places can make your makeup melt, these products are great for natural Asian makeup look and/or quick touch-ups! FYI New York is my top favourite city in the world and this definitely adds more motivation to save up for a visit there one day!

Vivid Tint Water gives a high shine finish. Ink Airy gives a matte finish. Ink Velvet gives a semi-matte finish. In terms of pigmentation: Vivid Tint Water (lightest) - Ink Airy - Ink Velvet (highest). Personally, I like Ink Velvet best 💖

COC Momo Waterproof Gel Eyeliner in #01 Real Black (worth RM20)

What It Is: 
A waterproof twist-up black gel eyeliner that comes with a sharpener.

How To Use: 
Simply twist up for usage. Use given sharpener (at the back) to make a more precise line. You can also use a flat eye brush to create a sharper line.

What I Like About It: 
I enjoy the fact that this gel eyeliner is long lasting, especially for oily eyelids like mine! Great for sweaty outdoors or even a long day out travelling!

Heynature Dual Eyeshadow (worth RM40)

What It Is: 
A dual eyeshadow stick that comes with a sponge at the other end to create an easy-breezy application!

How To Use: 
Use the darker colour closer to eyelashes. With one swipe of the stick, use the sponge to blend out evenly. Layer on for more colour intensity.

What I Like About It: 
The application is a dream come true for busy people on the go! Travel moments should be filled with pictures and memories instead of spending long hours in hotel just getting ready 😉
The only downside about it is I only have one eye look with this shadow stick.

However, I find this shadow stick is a little tricky to apply if you are not used to using crayon type shadows. You can always use a brush first instead of applying onto your lids directly to make it more seamless!

Etude House Dr Mascara Fixer for Super Long Lash (worth RM25)


What It Is: 
A waterproof mascara which adds length to lashes by incorporating fine fibres. Formulated with black soybean extract to keep lashes healthy and strong, promoting growth and length!

How To Use: 
Can be used as either base coat or top coat, generously coat lashes from root to tip and allow to dry.

What I Like About It: 
It actually does what it says! See photos for comparison pics.

*     *     *     *     *

As you can see, the Althea Box is really of GREAT VALUE FOR MONEY especially if you like every single product inside! Do visit Althea and click on the link to redeem your first RM20 credits!

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