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Friday, 6 October 2017

Thigh Reduction using Exilis Elite with The Life Clinic

Friday, 6 October 2017
Hi readers!

Continuing from where I left off previously from my intro to The Life Clinic, here's what went down during my first thigh reduction treatment - what to expect and some useful tips!

Right after consultation, I was escorted to the treatment room to get my thigh measurements and pictures taken for record purposes. I was given a pair of disposable shorts, just in case the treatment gets messy.

As you can see in the above picture, my thighs are something I am pretty concerned about because while the rest of my body is pretty petite in size - my thighs aren't exactly like that.
The worst part is, my thigh area is the first part to gain in size whenever I put on some weight.

These are how my thighs look like during the first visit and I hope to see an improvement for the coming months.


At the start of the treatment, the nurse placed a metal sticky pad on my back while I face down towards the bed and my hamstrings are facing the ceiling. It is estimated that the treatment will take about 2 hours for both thighs, including measurements and documentation.

The nurse began massaging a generous amount of mineral oil onto my right thigh, and took the machine head to start treatment. Apparently the Exilis Elite machine has a few different head sizes so we used one that was suitable for thighs. The massage head has a metal ball attached to it and it is used in circular rubbing motions at the back of my thighs. The metal ball starts in room temperature and will gradually increase to 40 degrees Celsius to maximise the burning of fats. It can become quite shocking at first and there are also times when it can become unbearable. The machine itself is not noisy, it operates quite silently and then beeps to indicate the time.

I'm glad that the nurse is patient and careful. She is attentive and quick to notice my sudden movements (when I become uncomfortable to the heat) and helps me stay calm throughout the session. She mentioned that, according to her previous patient, it helps to DRINK PLENTY OF WATER the night before the treatment to ensure the body is well hydrated, to prevent from feeling pain easily.

As for me, since I cannot reverse time - all I could do was stay calm and distract myself with my phone. 

When it came to the second machine, it was very different. It was a long head like a gun with loud jabbering noises but this wasn't painful compared to the Exilis Elite machine. I'm not sure what it's called, but this machine is used to break down physical fats.

The Exilis Elite machine


I AM SATISFIED because I lost a few centimetres off my thighs on the same day!
Also, aside from the size, I also noticed that my skin is smoother!

 The doctor mentioned that I have to wait for 6 weeks to see a noticeable difference and I have to maintain them myself from that point onwards because if I do not watch my body, it will be problematic again.

I will update again in a month's time to let you know my progress and whether it's worth investing.

In the meantime, you may check out more on The Life Clinic on their social media here -
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