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Friday, 15 September 2017

The Most ICONIC Launch of 2017 goes to ... Fenty Beauty by Rihanna!

Friday, 15 September 2017

I think this has got to be the smartest thing a beauty brand did for a global launch - the very same time, same date launch for all 17 countries (including Malaysia and Singapore, YAY)!!! I WAS ECSTATIC TO SEE MALAYSIA ON THE MAP, because our neighbouring countries such as Philippines and Indonesia might need to wait a little longer for Fenty Beauty to reach their shores.
Usually Malaysia would need to wait for about 1 to 2 years after the initial launch, but NOW WE DO NOT NEED TO WAIT LIKE THAT ANYMORE YASSSSSSSSSSS!!

Fenty Beauty is 100% cruelty free and is made under KENDO BEAUTY, the same group which manufactures beauty brands such as Marc Jacobs Beauty and Kat Von D Beauty.

This beauty line is created for EVERY SINGLE PERSON in mind by the Creator Queen herself. Rihanna made sure that all the not-so-popular skin shades are included in her beauty line to reflect diversity. If you have not heard, there are a WHOPPING TOTAL OF 40 FOUNDATION SHADES in the launch collection!

TBH, it was hard to determine my own shade if I tried to test them all, so the best thing I did was to get a Beauty Advisor to colour match my skin. According to my BA, she recommended me to try 130 Light Warm or 160 Light Warm Peach. I'd say I'm closer to 160 when I swatched it in the store. I've read online that the foundation DOES OXIDIZE after awhile so I'd advise you to try on the foundation in store before buying blindly, in case another shade matches you better.

I'd personally say the quality is more similar to Kat Von D (mid end) compared to Marc Jacobs (high end), so be prepared to spend a bomb at your local Sephora stores! 

Before the launch event, I noticed that special yellow sparkly highlight that everyone was sporting in the Fenty Beauty teaser video, and their lips look the same in the very same nude illuminating glossy shade! Thus when it was revealed during the launch that those were (1) Killawatt Freestyle Highlighter in Trophy Wife and (2) Gloss Bomb Lip Luminizer, I knew I had to get my hands on them both!

Thankfully for me, I managed to get the Gloss Bomb in my PR Kit!!!
😭  😭  😭  😭  😭  😭  😭  😭  😭  😭  😭
* tears of joy *

I kinda put Trophy Wife on hold because I already have so many highlighters at home that would last me a lifetime and I reasoned to myself that if I still couldn't stop thinking about it, I would get it the next time I step into Sephora, since all Sephora stores carry Fenty Beauty and even online.

So here's a post, sharing all the Fenty Beauty products I got during the launch --

Look away if you're trying to save up money!






Rihanna believes that being photo-ready means being shine-free, which is why she blots on the fly as the final step to the Fenty Face. This universal blotting powder contains an exclusive pore-diffusing complex that absorbs shine and gives you a natural matte refresh for an instantly filtered look. Invisimatte’s translucent powder is completely traceless against all skin tones and won’t cake, creep into pores or fine lines, or disturb makeup.

Artistry Pro Tip:
Do like Rihanna and blot before and after applying foundation, and throughout the day, to help your makeup last longer.

Light up where you want, when you want. These weightless, longwear cream-power hybrid highlighters range from subtle dayglow to insanely supercharged in solos and expertly paired duos, for all skin tones. Unlike your everyday highlighter, Killawatt keeps skin lit beyond sun-down with its unique formula that melts into the skin with almost zero effort and is packed with superfine shimmer for an ultra-smooth, creamy texture. Each duo features a subtle sheen on the left (perfect for day) and a more intense shimmer on the right (killer for night).

Artistry Pro Tip:
Apply to face, eyes, lips, collarbone for an all-over glow.

#3 Match Stix Trio - 300 Tan (Truffle, Caramel, Rum), 7.1g x 3 for RM230 / sold separately 7.1g for RM105

Take your complexion to the next level without the guesswork with our pre-bundled sets that make it easy to conceal, contour, and highlight. These light-as-air makeup sticks are expertly curated – and magnetize together – so you’re always ready for anything. Each set comes with two Match Stix Matte Skinsticks (conceal, contour) and one Shimmer Skinstick (highlight) so that you have all your complexion essentials in one portable package.

Artistry Pro Tip:
Use your fingers to warm the product on the back of your hand before tapping onto the skin. To create a soft matte base, swipe onto skin and blend with fingers or Portable Contour & Concealer Brush 150.

#4 Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer - Fenty Glow, 10ml for RM90

This gotta-have-it lip gloss offers addictive shine and nourishing wear as the ultimate finishing touch – in one universal rose nude shade hand-picked by Rihanna herself. (We’re talking the unicorn of nudes that looks good on everyone). With one luscious swipe of Gloss Bomb’s XXL wand, its conditioning shea butter-enriched formula makes lips look instantly fuller and smoother, and it has an addictive peach-vanilla scent you just can’t get enough of.

Artistry Pro Tip:
Wear it alone or layer over lipstick.

See that yellow blinding highlighter on RiRi's cheekbones? That's Trophy Wife for you!

Btw, there was NO SUCH INFO available online or anywhere else before the launch event.
Everyone involved were so good at keeping their LIPS SEALED prior to the launch and I remember seeing about 23k+ followers on Fenty Beauty's Instagram Page the day before its official launch.

Now fast forward to ONE WEEK LATER, the Instagram account has a mindblowing
I've never seen such a crazy record-breaking chart for an Instagram account, ever.


Thankfully for us Malaysians, Fenty Beauty is available at
YES, you read that right.
Also, the entire 91 SKUs of Fenty Beauty collection is available online at and the Sephora smartphone app. 

It definitely is a good time to be in Malaysia right now.

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