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Tuesday, 8 August 2017

REVIEW: L'Oreal Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Foundation

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Selecting the right foundation can be tricky - sometimes when you found the right one for your skin AND it happens to be from the drugstore (SCORE!!!), it can really be a rewarding experience!

That happened to me when I found the Bourjois Healthy Mix Liquid Foundation. It happens to work for me EVERYTIME! Whenever I apply it onto my face, I get compliments from friends and strangers about my healthy looking skin -- they would ask about which foundation I used. That's when I know I have really hit a HOME RUN!

Since the Healthy Mix Foundation has been through an upgrade recently, I felt that it has not been performing as well as its predecessor. I liked the previous one for its coverage and durability better. With my (slight) disappointment, I have been wandering around to look for similar drugstore foundation that can rival my (once) Holy Grail. 

I first noticed the L'Oreal Infallible foundation late 2016 / early 2017 at Guardian and Watsons but I was never really interested in biting the bullet at a whopping RM99 (~USD23) for a drugstore foundation! For a little bit more, I could actually bring home a foundation from Sephora or other high street brands (I enjoy using KVD, Too Faced & Estee Lauder atm). I'm pretty sure many of you would feel the same way too about the hefty price tag.

So recently when Watsons had a sale at 40%, I was ready to take the plunge (I saw online that Hermo is now selling at 50% off). I bought the shade 130 True Beige because that was one of the two shades that the salesperson recommended to me (the other was 220 if not mistaken). I also bought the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation as it has just arrived in Watsons stores in Malaysia.

Packaging wise, it is somewhat similar to the current True Match foundation (in a glass bottle with pump and cover), except that Infallible comes with in a red pump instead of silver. It is hygienic and I appreciate it for proper product dispense. The bottle feels expensive in my hands and I concluded that the price tag is somewhat justified. 

So here are my thoughts when using this foundation for the first time: --

As I pumped out onto the back of my hand, the texture feels gel-like, not too watery - which I like. I proceeded to reach for my Real Techniques sponge to apply and blend on my face. Blending out is slightly difficult as the foundation doesn't seem to stay put as it moves around alot. I'm happy that most of my imperfections were covered, only for one pimple scar on my cheek which recently surfaced. Thus I conclude the coverage to be HIGH (yay!) after two layers. If you want a more natural/lighter coverage, you could just apply one layer instead for medium coverage. It takes about a minute to dry and the dry-down is semi-glowy-matte (is there such a term, lol). I proceeded to set it with my Kat Von D translucent setting powder after my whole makeup is done.

I was really happy with the finished look but as you know, the real test of a makeup product is how it fares throughout the day. 😏

After about 3 hours later, I saw my reflection in the mirror....

I saw that the foundation caked up around the nose and mouth area, also some on my forehead.
It was totally a bad look and my boyfriend, Jack noticed it too.
Such a disaster.

So I quickly went online to search for more reviews on how it fares on other people. What I found out was:
This foundie only works with one layer instead of two, else it cakes up badly.

I am utterly disappointed to learn about that because:
1. I prefer high coverage foundations.
2. I may end up with a mess overtime if I over-apply.

Because of the two reasons, it is enough for me to get turned off with this product.

My Conclusion:
I don't like it. 
Personally I feel the Maybelline Fit Me fares better on my skin and I started to get compliments for that from my boyfriend. I think I may have just found my next potential HG foundation 😉
Will be updating this space for a full review soon, maybe.

Who Will Like This Foundation:
If you prefer medium coverage with only one layer of foundation, this is for you! I suggest to wait for sales period (which is pretty frequent nowadays) to get this. There are about 10 shades, so you may be able to get a shade closest to your skin easily.

L'Oreal Infallible 24H Stay Fresh Foundation is available at Guardian and Watsons pharmacies across Malaysia and online at Hermo.

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