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Thursday, 1 June 2017

The Butterfly Project 4th Birthday Party + Winning Best Dressed!!! + Unboxing Jerlynn'L Party Box

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Hi all,

Here's an update on The Butterfly Project's 4th Anniversary!
If you don't know what TBP is, it's basically a blogging community started in Malaysia dedicated to beauty topics. It's non-profit, spearheaded by Ms Tammy Lim (our mamasan). As a blogger herself (she blogs at, she started this community because she wanted to gather and help new bloggers to find their way into the blogging scene. I was actually one of the first batch of bloggers and frankly speaking, this is where I got my foot in beauty blogging!

I've never imagined that I'd be so drawn into beauty as I would right now, thanks to her!
So fast forward 4 years later, here we are, celebrating a milestone for giving back to the blogging community!

The party was held in Hello Deer, Damansara Uptown last April and the theme was floral + yellow.
Top 10 Best Dressed will stand the chance to walk away with a goodie bag from Jerlynn'L worth RM1,000 so naturally (being the kiasu that I am), I went all out for it!

I rented a gorgeous yellow piece from Precious Wedding SS2 to ensure my spot in the Top 10.
Upon arriving the party, I was greeted by community members (known as Butterflies) and compliments kept pouring in about my dress! They kept on going about how it reminds them of Princess Belle from the recent blockbuster Beauty & The Beast πŸ‘ΈπŸ»

I also bumped into Maleficent (who was referred to as "The Beast" for the day lol)

Bold and Beautiful Sydney Lim

Sweetest Dashindra Siva






My efforts were worth while because I was one of the Top 10 YAYYY!!!

Best Dressed winner box awarded by Shizens / Jerlynn'Ls Marketing Team

Got an additional box from Jerlynn'L with a maroon ribbon, on top of what we received at the event (yellow ribbon)! 


Here's the default box that everyone got at the party.

Here's my loot combined with Best Dressed winner box!
All in all, I got a total of 10 items from the two said boxes, along with vouchers for makeup and eyebrow shaping!

Jerylnn’L, embarks on a virtuous journey to promote proper skin care habits to children, is an advocate of preventive and regenerative children’s skin care.

Jerlynn'L believes by taking care of our skin early on, we can help preserve it’s integrity and health for years to come. Jerlynn'L is dedicated to formulate children’s skin care that not only restore skin health but to protect even before skin problems arise, with the relevant efficacious ingredients and responsibly formulated.

Jerlynn'L is also a subsidiary company from the Shizens Group. I have previously blogged about Shizens here.

From Top:
Body Wash - Plants & Herbs Extract 500ml RM119

So that sums up everything in my box!

So far, I've been using the 2 Body Wash regularly and I like it that it's so so gentle onto my skin! They smell very herbal and Balinese, like a mixture of lemongrass and citrus (could be due to grapefruit extract). My man doesn't really fancy the scent but I enjoy imagining myself taking a shower in the rainforest!


Group Pic!
Thank God we took a group pic before power failure! Unfortunately, the second half of the party was in darkness because of some electricity problems. It affected the whole row of shoplots too. But the party was great nonetheless because of great company!

Thank You
The Butterfly Project and Jerlynn'L
for hosting such a warm party!
Congratulations again TBP on your milestone and may there be more to come! πŸ’– πŸ’– πŸ’–

You guys can connect with The Butterfly Project and Jerlynn'L on their social media pages too!

The Butterfly Project
Facebook Page: The Butterfly Project

Facebook Page: Jerlynn'L
Instagram @jerlynnl


Stay tuned for Part 2.0 for TBP's 4th Birthday Party!

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