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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Enhancing My NATURAL BEAUTY with Shizens Visage Collection

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Natural Makeup style is something I always go for whenever I'm a rush to get out the house. I'm sure many of us women can relate to this situation, especially when we are pressed for time!

In the above photo, I'm using makeup products from the latest Shizens Visage Collection to achieve this look. The Visage Collection is a combination of Star Products and Brand New Products by Shizens. I truly like it because it plays down my flaws and enhances my features. There is very minimal editing so you still get to see my pores, to prove to you how REAL & LEGIT this photo is.

Recently I did a collab with Shizens for their latest Visage Collection, which includes skincare and makeup. If you're curious to know what they are, read on!

Shizens is a homegrown beauty brand from Malaysia. You definitely will not miss their huge outlet in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur, 6th Floor if you frequent there. Shizens is on the luxury skincare side, which is reflected in their pricing and sturdy, shiny packaging.

This Visage Collection compasses of 9 products, which includes 3 skincare products and 6 makeup products. Skincare is always IMPORTANT before applying makeup, so make sure you clean and moisturize well to have a great canvas!

Ultimate Potent - 15ml, RM242

This product can double up as both a skincare step (after toner/essence, for lifting benefits) or after-makeup to lock everything in place. This nozzle spritzes out very fine mist, which instantly refreshes the skin! Ultimate Potent also helps to even out skin tone that promotes a smooth and youthful appearance.

Time Resistance Essence - 30ml, RM656

Time Resistance Essence, as its name suggests, is an anti-aging serum with skin regenerating Ceramide III to keep skin firm, toned, brightened, nourished and moisturized deep inside the skin cells. It is to be used right after your usual toner, right before your moisturizer. This serum comes in the form of a very thick white liquid and it comes with a pipet which eases application.

For those of you who have sensitive skin, I suggest you use this product sparingly to avoid complications. Just 2 or 3 drops will do as it is sufficient to cover the whole face.

Time Resistance Night Cream - 40g, RM488

The last step of skincare for night routine. It is creamy yellowish and very thick and tacky. Just a little will do to get the best firming benefits from this moisturizer.

Natural Pore Nutrient Foundation PRO - 21g, RM242 *Brand New*

This is to be used on the entire face as a MAKEUP BASE. It gives you a super light coverage and also colour correcting properties (it only comes in one shade) before pounding on your usual foundation for more coverage. It is infused with Vitamin E from olive oil essence and shea butter; to give you a healthy natural glow. This face base is 100% talc-free, which is awesome to combat fine lines and enlarged pores.

It comes with SPF50 but as always, you need to rely on your sunscreen for proper sun protection. This face stick comes with an accompanying face brush so you'd definitely get a bang for your buck.

Aqua Pore Perfection - 12g, RM298


Similar to Korean BB cushions, Shizens also has a version of their own with hydrating properties. The content of Vitamin A, E and F (linoleic acid, an omega-6 essential fatty acid) in this cushion may stimulate a healthy skin glow, retain the natural moisture of skin and reflect the damages from UVB rays. It comes in two shades, which is pretty limited I must say! But lucky for me, I found one close to my shade! The other upside from this cushion is that it comes together with a sponge applicator for easy application. Oh, did I mentioned that I like the gold metal case too? 😊

Aqua Eyeliner - 4g, RM95 *Brand New*

Similar to Korean face cushions, we also have a cushion for eyes! How cool is that?

This can double up as an EYELINER and BROW TATTOO!!! There are two shades, black and brown; each pot comes with a tiny brush applicator. However, I find it a bit difficult to use this as an eyeliner because I'm so used to using pen liquid eyeliners! Using for the brows proved to be simple though!

Hue-Duo Eye Shadow in Mocha Glow - RM136

This eyeshadow is very lightweight and it is fuss-free. Comes with a mirror and a mini applicator inside in the compact. It does not have very strong pigments, which is great for natural looking eyes. If you are someone who loves pigmented colours, this is not for you. One thing I learnt from a makeup artist during my photoshoot was that she used this compact as a highlight and contour for my face, how creative! Since the pigments are light, it can easily shape you face on-the-go especially if you forgot to bring your face shaping products!

Smack Lips in Plum Wine - 8ml, RM89

Smack Lips is my most favourite product in this Visage Collection, without a doubt because I'm a lippie gal! But for reals, this lip product is very moisturizing and does not transfer easily. What I like about it is that it can also be used as a blusher on the cheeks.

There are also other shades for this product but I like this colour best on me!


Let me just say that all my makeup here is using the Visage Collection and this photo is taken with very very minimal editing.

To be honest, you can still see my eye bags and pores here because I did not use any concealer.

That's right!!!
No concealers.
Only using the Natural Pore Nutrient Foundation Pro & Aqua Pore Perfector.

Here are some Behind The Scenes for you --

I had such a blast shooting with the Shizens team because everything went on so smoothly! I got so many compliments on set, saying that I was a natural in front of the camera *shy*
My video was done in one take! REALLY!

Not sure whether they will post the final clip online, but do drop by their store in Pavilion if you ever wanna take a glimpse of their skincare and makeup... and maybe that short clip of me!


If you're keen to try out Shizens, there's a special promotion called Visage Essential pack, which includes Smack Lips (Plum Wine), Smack Lips (Orange Tango), Aqua Eyeliner (Black), Aqua Eyeliner (Brown), Hue-Duo Eyeshadow (Mocha Glow) and Shizens professional brush set (6 brushes) now at RM199 instead of RM1,503. This promo is available from 1st March to 31st May 2017 at major Shizens stores (see list below).


By showing unique code "VISAGE01" to the beauty advisor at major Shizens stores, you can redeem and experience Visage makeover! Reserve your seat today at major Shizens stores:
  • Shizens Pavilion Flagship Store
  • Shizens Mid Valley
  • Shizens One Utama
  • Shizens Sunway Pyramid
  • Shizens Gurney Plaza
  • Shizens Genting Sky Avenue
  • Shizens Isetan KLCC
  • Shizens Isetan Garden
  • Shizens Parkson KLCC
  • Shizens Parkson Pavilion
  • Shizens Sogo KL

Also be on the look out for Shizens Visage roadshows at major shopping malls around Klang Valley for exciting promos and activities! Do follow Shizens Facebook Page for updates.

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