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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Gel, Serum and Liquid... to Enhance Your Smile!

Tuesday, 17 January 2017
Remember I once mentioned about a certain Smile Maker last year?

I'm not sure if you have decided to look it up for yourself, but I'm going to be talking about Smile Makers in detailed on this blogpost. To summarize, Smile Makers is a brand that is created for women who enjoy the pleasures of intimacy *18SX* while keeping it discreet and classy.

How do you keep *that* subject discreet... and more interestingly, classy?

Here's ONE way to do it:
Keeping the packaging simple.

Take a look below.

The description doesn't sound anything unusual, such as "Generous Gel", "Stay Silky Serum" or "Little Light Liquid". Hmmm, perhaps using the word "serum" does lean towards a facial thing. It just translates into anything like your regular skincare product would, no?

Less suggestion of the meaning "lubricants", and you'd get away leaving this on your bedside table without feeling guilty or ashamed.

YES LADIES. The "gel", "serum" and "liquid" in question here are INDEED lubricants for your intimacy needs. With each indicating different liquidity texture, with gel being the richest and liquid the lightest.
How classy, I like!

A little info on these sexy lubricants -
  • Containing only pharma-grade ingredients and abide by the highest standard of CE Class 2 mark.
  • Water-based to avoid sticky sensation. It’s also easier to wash and unanimously recommended by gynecologists.
  • Paraben-free and fragrance-free to respect the most sensitive part of your body.
  • Gentle on the most sensitive skins thanks to a natural plant extract.

They're super safe because they have specially imported luxury ingredients found in D&G products, designed by the same SKII designers, such as ...
  1. Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate (DPG): Anti-stinging, anti-inflammatory natural plant extract used to counter irritation caused by mechanical friction during sexual activity
  2. Sodium Benzoate: A salt used as a natural preservative to prevent microbial growth
  3. Refined Glycerine: A water-soluble synthetic used to make the lubricant slippery
  4. Methyl Propanediol: A water solubilizer added to give velvety- silky feel during and after use.
  5. Carbomer: A thickener that alters the viscosity in the product

Truth to be told, there is nothing to be shy about when it comes to these things, however since we are living in a "backwards" country, it is still nice to be discreet about it. A little decency doesn't hurt :)

And I’m sure we wouldn't be want to be questioned unnecessarily by curious underaged children (for those who have kids!).

Have I mentioned the best part about this product is its AVAILABILITY? You can purchase Smile Makers lubricants at your nearest Watsons at RM59.95 and if you're just that nervous to get them in person, you could also opt to buy them online too at their website or Lazada! Fuss-free shopping and super accessible just anywhere, anytime!

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