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Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Glo Laser Centre's Skincare Range Product Review: Clear Protect Sunscreen + Reveal Peeling Gel

Wednesday, 14 December 2016
I've been frequenting Glo Laser Centre, Mid Valley about twice to thrice a month for close to a year now (started patronizing since January) - so you could say I'm a huge supporter of their services. You can read the first time I blog about it here.

If you have not heard about them, Glo Laser Centres offers a quick laser facial for only 15 minutes per area thus you can pop in and out really quickly, without any downtime after that. My face, neck and decolletage has never looked better :) 
*not saying just because, but I REALLY saw a difference especially just after few visits!

Aside from treatments, they also do have a range for skincare for maintenance and I picked up two during my recent visit.

Glo Reveal is a peeling gel (suitable for all skin types) and Glo Clear Protect is a sunscreen for oily/combination skin.


Reveal is a peeling gel to remove dead cells that make skin look dull. It's made of a gel texture which will not damage the skin's surface or remove its natural moisture. The key ingredient is Lactococcus Ferment Extract, which brightens complexion and Vitamin B5, which ensures the skin stays soft, supple and bright.

Application is really simple, just pump once onto your palm and massage onto dry skin in circular motion until the little residues starts forming. To remove, just rinse with water. You could use this 1-2 times a week (once a week if you have sensitive skin like me) to see best results. I use this BEFORE cleansing my face at night, and then follow up with my regular skin routine. 

For me, I see that my face is brightened after each use. It also removes my blackheads, so don't leave out your nose while you're at it!

I rate this 4 out of 5 stars (minus 1 because it can be quite strong for sensitive skin types).


Clear Protect is a completely unique sun protection formula designed specifically for acne, acne prone and oily skin. It has a Broad Spectrum SPF 35 and it contains anti-bacterial, anti-irritant anti-allergic ingredients (including Camomile and Essential Oil of Niaouli) which help to reduce inflammation and calm the skin.

This is a sunscreen with a nice soothing scent of chamomile (I also sniffed lavender but maybe that's just me) and I love that this sunscreen does NOT leave any white residues and it does not make my face feel sticky after usage. THIS is the very sunscreen that motivates me to use protection regularly because of its calming effect! It also acts as a makeup base so you can skip that if you're in a hurry!

Clear Protect is suitable for oily/combination skin. You can try the other alternative, Protect - which is suitable for all skin types except for acne prone and oily skin.
I'd give this sunscreen 5 out of 5 stars!


Here's the price list of products by Glo Laser Centres

Hydrate (facial treatment mask) - RM48
Hydrate Box of 5 pcs (facial treatment mask) - RM188
Clean (daily cleanser) - RM178
Reveal (peeling gel) - RM168
Nourish (day & night cream) - RM208
Protect (gel sunblock) - RM188
Clear Protect (acne sunblock) - RM188


I honestly feel that Glo Laser should be getting more exposure than they should in Malaysia. Their service is great, their products ARE great, even their floor team ARE warm and friendly!

Have you tried Glo Laser yet? If not, you could use my code "GRACEGLO" to redeem an additional free laser neck treatment for first timers (worth RM158), on top of the trial price of RM188 for 2 laser face treatments.

That being said, Glo Laser Centres currently has 4 outlets in Malaysia -
namely Mid Valley Megamall, One Utama, Sunway Pyramid and Cheras Leisure Mall. You could just walk in anytime and no reservation is required prior to your visit. That's the beauty about Glo, you can pop by whenever you desire without that hassle of booking.

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