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Wednesday, 30 November 2016

THE FACE SHOP gets a new facelift at Pavilion KL + Mini Review

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Frontal view upon entering the shop

9 years later upon opening in Pavilion, THE FACE SHOP (a Korean beauty brand) has a new facelift and its relocated to Lot 4.52.01, Level 4 in Pavilion KL.

The store has a modern white interior design with minimal princess gold hardware (notice the middle chandelier, signage and table frame) and a hint of nature's greenery. It felt refreshing as I step into the store, it gives me a strong Korean vibe that goes with the theme of using nature's ingredients to enhance our natural beauty.

This store opening marks the 5th Generation of its Flagship Store, boasting 990 sq ft and it features 3 special zones in the store -

*Cushion Zone
*Best Item Zone
*Premium Zone


With Malaysia's humid weather, most women prefer lightweight face makeup especially for daytime (myself included!).

At this zone, you would find a variety of cushions such as The Therapy Anti-Aging Cushion, CC Cushion, Oil Control Water Cushion and other limited edition cushion foundation such as BB Power Perfection Mickey, CC Long Lasting Mike Monsters Inc and CC Cooling Winnie The Pooh
Can you guess which is my favourite? ✧٩(•́⌄•́๑)و ✧


This area, located on the most right section upon entering the store, features The Face Shop's best selling items. If you are new to the brand, this will be a great starting point to discover the best of The Face Shop with their star products.

Top Row (from Left) -
The Therapy First Serum (Anti-aging)
Damyang Bamboo Fresh Soothing Gel (Moisturizing)
White Seed Blanclouding White Moisture Cream (Brightening)

Bottom Row (from Left) -
The Therapy Cushion Foundation
Jeju Aloe Fresh Soothing Gel (Moisturizing)
The Therapy Moisture Blending Formula Cream (Anti-aging)


Here at the Premium Zone is where customers are able to try out The Therapy Anti-aging range, which is formulated with 200-year-old European natural blending therapy.

Of course, there are also other Korean skincare and makeup such as -

Sheet masks

Full range of skincare

Bright nail polishes

Pigmented eye shadows and other colour makeup!


During the opening, we had a mini team competition among us bloggers so we were divided into teams of 4. My team consisted of AeriskKellyNicole and myself (you can catch up with them on their blogs and read about their experience).


Pretty simple, just filling up the blanks.

Here's the correct answers:
1. Jeju Island
2. Nail pack
3. Rice


Now this is when things get a little trickier.
We had to grab items in the shop to match the price given. Looks easy but the price in the shop includes 6% GST so each cent also counts because the closest to the number would be the ultimate winning team!
Plus with the exception of using the calculator makes it harder for us :/


Eventually our team did not win but each of us went home with The Face Shop goodies, so here's my take on their products~


I received -

Natural Sun Eco Ice Air Puff is an ice cool spray type sun care that instantly delivers -5C with the cooling effect upon application 

Size: 100ml

Main ingredients:
a. Sunflower seed extract: protects skin that can easily get damaged by UV days and heat

Features & Benefits:
  • 5 in 1 (UV Block + Cooling + Foundation + anti-wrinkle + whitening)
  • Flawless complexion finish
  • Paraben and phenoxyethanol FREE 

Honestly, this is my first time using an "ICE BLAST" sunscreen! Packaging wise, there is a On/Off switch which makes it easier for me to ensure the bottle tight during shaking. Also with a built-in face puff, it is really convenient without using fingers to apply. (This sunscreen comes with an extra refill face puff)

After shaking the bottle, I only need to press down the puff a few times to get enough product out. The ice-cold sensation is really refreshing! It really makes using sunscreen really pleasant, tbh. I used to skip using sun protection because of its unsightly white cast and inconvenient stickiness, BUT this product makes wearing sunscreen really a breeze (pun intended)! 

This sunscreen has a slight beige tint to it which quickly disappears when blended into the skin, acting as a colour corrector/makeup base. I really like this feature because it allows me to skimp on my foundation base. Another plus point of this sunscreen is that it has SPF50+ PA+++!

I'd give this innovative sunscreen a full 5/5!

CC Long Lasting Cushion not only has a light weight but also delivers excellent adherence effect without any cluming and smooth radiance to create a poreless effect for a long lasting make up.

Main ingredients:
  • Ultra low molecular weight hyaluronic acid: holds 1000 times its own weight in water with great moisturizing effect
  • Skin-like ceramide: Accounts for the highest amount (50%) amongst the lipid components in the moisture barrier and prevents the loss of moisture
  • Micro-collagen: regenerates, and improves wrinkles but rapidly decreases with age.
  • Flower Essential formula: (Almond oil, calendula oil, Borage oil, Rosemary oil, German Chamomile, Lavender oil, Rose oil) that contain skin regeneration, nourishment and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • light-weight volatile oil: to set onto the skin creating a fine makeup barrier
  • Flat powder completely fits on the skin enabling makeup with strong adherence
  • Cloud-like spherical powder polymer goes in between the flat powder preventing it from clumping and also softly slides on the skin when applying
  • Various sized spherical powder (average size:8μm) fills in the bumps on the skin surface and gives a soft focus effect naturally covering pores/wrinkles
  • Spherical powder polymer is applied on natural cover formula giving a smooth, silky finish
  • Natural moisturizing ingredient (Bio-saccharide gum-1) obtained from a fermenting process creates a moisture barrier on the skin surface for instant, long-lasting moisture
  • ultra adhesive film enables long lasting makeup that does not come off with sweat or sebum

Features & Benefits:
  • The moisture barrier on the skin surface maintains makeup even in the dry environment
  • Not only is it light but it is also long lasting 
  • Contains 15% primer ingredients
  • SPF50+ PA+++ 

Mike is my favourite Disney character among the featured 3 (Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh, Mike Wazowski)! Hehs.
I love rewatching Monsters Inc I, II and Monsters University so this def gives me all the feels!
Packaging wise, it's leaning on the cutesy side, it kinda reminds me of kids makeup (not really my style) lol.

As for coverage, I think it's more of medium coverage, suitable for indoors day use. It does not cover major pimples or skin pigmentation. After few hours upon using, I noticed that my whole face has started to become oily. If you want to pop by somewhere quickly (maybe a few hours) and touch up your face in a jiffy before heading out, this is something worth grabbing; otherwise you can skip this. Just a note, working in the kitchen or somewhere humid is totally a no-go for this CC Cushion.

I'd rate this 3/5.

Melting Color Lip Creamer is a combination of lipstick and cream that contains lip balm to nourish your lips with long lasting and vivid color.

Available colors:
01 Light Pink
02 Voiolet Pink
03 Rose Pink
04 Rose Red
05 Gel Coral
06 Coral
07 Orange
08 Blonde Red

It's exterior reminds me of yet another kiddie item (crayon). I understand that Asians are in love with cute childlike items but it doesn't really suit me lol. 

I think the colour of this lippie does not show up on my already pigmented lips. It acts more of just a lip balm and frankly, forking out that much money for a lip balm is too much for me. Hydrating to my lips definitely, but only for a few hours then you have to reapply especially after having a bite. 

My rating 2/5.




If you aren't sure what to get for yourself, there is always a beauty consultant on standby to recommend suitable products according to your skin type *crucial* 

Personally, I'd definitely repurchase the sunscreen but not for the other two. It is worth splurging on it because I get to experience that ICE COOL feeling which no other sunscreen has yet to wow me (so far). 

A Korean brand inspired by nature, THE FACE SHOP now has more than 1,700 stores in 34 countries worldwide. In Malaysia alone, their presence is so strong with a total of 50 outlets throughout the country. Apart from physical stores, it has an online store too

If you're in Pavilion KL, be sure to drop by The Face Shop's new relocated outlet at Level 4 (Lot 4.52.01), next to Mixxo!

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