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Monday, 30 May 2016

Malaysian-Handmade Brand Wunderbath makes coloured tinted lipbalms! Wunderlippies Review + Lip Swatches

Monday, 30 May 2016

Lip balms are my first beauty product I ever owned! I started using lippies towards the end of my primary school years, when every cool popular girl I know made "Lip Ice" the coolest thing to own. I still use lipbalms every day, especially to moisturize my lips before putting on lipsticks.

I got some locally handmade organic lipbalms in my mailbox recently and they are so so awesome because all of them are coloured tinted!

I got 4 from the Wunderlippie range: Elektra, Mary Jane, Rogue and Ms Ivy.


1. Elektra

A red tone lippie, Elektra is the first lippie I received last year from Wunderbath during one of their collaborations with GoGet and Dirty Benefits. This lip balm has the lightest tint among the four and it's safe to wear to school (if your teachers are strictly against lip colours).

2. Mary Jane

Mary Jane has a vibrant hot pink tone and it's almost as close as wearing a lipstick! I love wearing this on days I feel extra feminine!

3. Rogue

Rogue, like it's name suggests, is a dark burgundy red tone lip balm, which sort of relishes the bad girl in you.
I personally like this the best among the four colours.

4. Ms Ivy

Ms Ivy is the most unique lip balm because of it's purple shade! The name reminds me so much of Poison Ivy, like a venomous spiderlady who is waiting to catch her next prey *haha*


Elektra's packaging is different from the rest because I received it end of last year, as compared to the rest this year. I personally prefer to previous packaging because of the matte sticker label, as compared to the shiny one now. Nevertheless, the fonts on the newer one looks more appealing! :)

Here's a closer look of the old packaging -

.... and the newer one -

Each of this lip balm retails at RM19.90 and it comes with Wunderbath's Signature Eco Pouch. Aside from lippies, Wunderbath is also known for curating tailor-made soaps especially for events such as weddings, bridal and baby showers, birthdays and even corporate gatherings! 

I think they are priced reasonably, seeing that all products are handmade with love. Instead of giving money to large corporations that are not earth-friendly, I see more reasons to spend it at our local ones who make efforts to make this earth a greener place.

Just a note, I was sent these products as gifts. I was not any under obligations to write a post but I love using these on a daily basis so I thought, why not share it on my blog since it may benefit YOU too? :)

You could find more of Wunderbath products at

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