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Monday, 21 March 2016

Etude House Berry Delicious Collection Launch & First Impressions (March 2016)

Monday, 21 March 2016
Last Thursday, I pleasantly made my way to my first ever Etude House event - a Korean beauty brand! Seeing that I have a deep love for Asian beauty products, this was one of the events I was really looking forward to this month! I, an Etude House fan myself - love their affordable makeup products, not to mention their adorable packaging!

So for this event, Etude House is introducing their Spring collection: Berry Delicious. It revolves around a 'Strawberry' theme, which evokes the beginning of Spring, with sweet and sour flavour and aroma! Since the cultural trend is incorporating strawberries into desserts, Etude House takes this as an inspiration to create a 'Strawberry Dessert Buffet' range of makeup and skincare products!

Etude House specially flew in Korean makeup artist, Mr Myung Jung Kim exclusively for this event, to demonstrate some makeup tips to us. He taught us on how to correctly use some of the new makeup products by Etude House. 

This is the basket of strawberry dessert picnic happiness presented to each of us, to take home for the day! I'm really impressed by the efforts and thoughts that went into this! I literally died of happiness that day!

Plus, this is my first time coming in contact with a
It looks absolutely heavenly from my view.

The setup of the event venue was beautifully decorated into a strawberry picnic themed party. There was a carefully curated display space for the new arrivals and everything was just perfect.

Strawberry jam + bread, anyone?

There was another smaller display area for PLAY 101 STICKS, with ever popular Uzzlang Korean Makeup Artist, Pony Makeup. (She's one of my fave Korean beauty stars and I follow her on YouTube and Instagram closely!)

Right after the makeup demo, there was another hands on activity prepared for us - we each were presented with a plain waffle quarter. The activity was to decorate the waffle SWEETLY with some props they had for us.


This is my waffle. It looks sinfully sweet and since I'm abstaining from sweet desserts at the moment, I didn't taste it. I read somewhere that Adele shed quite a lot of pounds on just cutting back on sugar WITHOUT EXERCISING and that really reminded me how bad sugar is!

Our special Korean makeup artist also decided to sit down in between us guests to create his very own sweet dessert! I thought that was really friendly of him!

Makeup of the Day, Car Selfie

We got to bring home this very fancy picnic basket filled with Berry Delicious goodies and scroll down to see more close up!

There were a total of 6 products from the Berry Delicious line and 1 additional product from the Play 101 Stick range -

Play 101 Stick (Foundation) in #03, RM99

Berry Delicious Strawberry Lip Jam, RM56

Berry Delicious Strawberry Souffle Nail in #07, RM24

Berry Delicious Strawberry Cream Blusher in #01, RM67

Berry Delicious Fantastic Color Eyes in #07, RM109

From left to right: Soda Water, Lime & Berry Squeeze, Spearmint, Crushed Strawberry, Berry Brown Sugar, Mojito Party!

Berry Delicious Any Cushion in Natural Beige, RM149

Berry Delicious Color in Liquid Lips Juicy in #30, RM74

.... and they included a very cute strawberry prop, with actual sweets inside!!

First Impressions

Let's start off with packaging - I thought the packaging was very sweet, in fact too sweet for my liking! It reminds me of my childhood Polly Pockets, especially for the BB cushion and cream blusher packagings. They are made of plastic, and that doesn't really impress me, seeing that I'm now in my late twenties. Even for someone who used to love pink alot, I am not really into the packaging of this series because they are just too many strawberry logos on the product, and it reminds me of the makeup for teens... or tweens, as they call girls at preadolescent age.

As for the scent, it does retains to a sweet strawberry scent, especially for the cream blusher, lip jam and liquid lip gloss. The eyeshadow does not have any scent to it, while the BB cushion smells pleasant like a BB cushion should and the nail polish smells like.... nail lacquer.

At this point of writing, I have yet to try out these makeup products, but I am most excited to try the BB cushion, liquid lip gloss and cream blusher first. I'm not too sure how the eyeshadow would fair, seeing that most Korean eyeshadows tend to be not very pigmented. I'll definitely do a follow up if any of them surprise me (in a good way)!!

There are other products in Berry Delicious line such as lip treatment, lip scrub, mascaras, body scrub, body milk, perfume, nail stickers, and bread shower sponge!

You may browse through the whole

Let me know your thoughts on this Strawberry themed goodies, Yay or Nay? Would you give them a shot? I would love to read your thoughts about them!

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