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Face Slimming Experience with BTL Aesthetics EXILIS ELITE at KO Skin Centre, Klang

About 8 weeks ago, I had the opportunity to experience a non-invasive face slimming treatment, courtesy of BTL Aesthetics. BTL is a global company founded in Europe and its aesthetic division manufactures non-surgical aesthetic devices, and recently introduced to Malaysia two new types of machines: Vanquish and Exilis Elite. From my understanding, Vanquish is more suited for body slimming, while Exilis is focused on face slimming. These two treatments are so popular in the Europe that it is even quoted in Kim Kardashian's Wedding Makeover Secrets Reveal article on Huffington Post.

I was assigned to KO Skin Specialist Centre as I was looking forward for face-related aesthetics. After consultation with its representatives, I was recommended to undergo Exilis Elite treatment to further sharpen my Asian facial features. Apparently I still store some unwanted fats around my face even after losing weight previously (10kgs in total! But that story is for another day). I still struggle to take perfect selfies because well, I have plenty of unflattering angles upclose.

This is THE DR KO, in the flesh!

His once little clinic turned huge hospital in Klang! This building has been around for almost 20 years!


There were HUGE ADVERTISEMENT BOARDS around Klang Valley with KO Skin adverts but I discovered plenty more while driving on the way to Klang itself! There were huge signages with directions so it is definitely easy to locate the place.

Once I drive up to the lane, I saw a long stretch of shop lots with a familiar blue corporate identity. And that whole stretch of shops, 4 levels of it, belongs to KO Skin Specialist Centre!!!!

As I made my way to the Skin Clinic on the first floor, I noticed that the stairs were a little narrow, but wide enough to assist a wheelchair up. There were also rails at the side which were wheelchair-friendly :)

After stepping in the front desk, I notice there was quite a number of patients on a Saturday morning. There were all coming in for various reasons, not only skin - as the hospital provides a wide scope of services. It could be because Saturday was the only weekend day open and Sundays are closed. A few steps in, I saw KO's Cafeteria! They serve coffee, sandwiches and some full meals for patients and family.


Vikki was explaining to me the uses of Exilis Elite treatment; it is generally used for - skin tightening, body shaping, facial rejuvenation.


While patients may experience minimal side effects after the treatment such as mild redness, tissue tenderness or warmth, these side effects last only minutes to hours and have no direct impact on your everyday life. You can return to your daily routine right after the treatment.

It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to a maximum of an hour to perform the entire treatment session. The duration is dependent upon the concrete procedure and specific patient request.

You may start to see improvements of your appearance just days after your first treatment session. The treatments are effective even without a strict diet or exercise regimen. Patients become newly motivated to stay in a good physical as well as mental shape. Your results will last as long as you maintain your current weight and healthy lifestyle.

There is no pain associated with the treatments. You will be positioned very comfortably, during all of our therapies. Some of the patients describe the procedures as a spa experience; many of them close their eyes and relax, while others enjoy reading a book or magazine.

BTL´s leading edge technologies allow physician to reach therapeutic thermal effect in the shortest amount of time with minimal discomfort to patient. Its revolutionary Selective RF and EFC Elite® help ensure maximum level of patient safety and comfort without serious or long-lasting side effects. There is no downtime, no anaesthesia, and most patients report no pain associated with the procedures.

BTL Aesthetics delivers an affordable non-invasive aesthetic solution to the patients of all skin types and all ages. Tailored to meet all the clinical needs, BTL´s products offer effective return on investment with no need of costly consumables. 

Patented methods for focused remodeling and downsizing the volume of subcutaneous lipid-rich cells, body contouring, and tightening skin tissue, using controlled heating of the targeted areas on the body. Learn more

BTL Industries has over 20 years of experience in the medical field. The clinical outcomes have been scientifically proven by over 20 peer-reviewed articles and clinical studies, and confirmed by testimonials from the real patients as well as the most respected physicians. Learn more

Patented methods for focused remodeling and downsizing the volume of subcutaneous lipid-rich cells, body contouring, and tightening skin tissue, using controlled heating of the targeted areas on the body. Learn more
Patented methods for focused remodeling and downsizing the volume of subcutaneous lipid-rich cells, body contouring, and tightening skin tissue, using controlled heating of the targeted areas on the body. Learn more
Patented methods for focused remodeling and downsizing the volume of subcutaneous lipid-rich cells, body contouring, and tightening skin tissue, using controlled heating of the targeted areas on the body. Learn more
Exilis Elite is exclusively available at KO Skin, Malaysia since 2014 and have received tremendous feedback from users. Here's Dr Ko's testimonial of the treatment, from patients' experiences -

Wall of Fame


This is how EXILIS ELITE looks like, in real life. It has two different heads, one for face and the other for body.

Graphics to help you understand the science behind the machine:

Layering advanced cooling

Layering simply means that energy is delivered to the various depths in the tissue. Changing the cooling during treatment allows you to treat deep tissue all the way up to the superficial layer.

An innovative design inside and out

The applicator is ergonomically designed so that you can make changes to the power and cooling right on the display.

There is a pad being placed on my back to enable the radio waves to bounce back.

Before treatment begins, my face was cleaned for any impurities (so that the waves can penetrate better). Using KO Skin cleanser here.

After that, ultrasonic gel slapped onto the first section of my face to prep the skin.

This is how EXILIS ELITE works on the face. It has a blue light when it is switched on.


KO Skin carries their own range of skincare, for various skin conditions. So far I've seen a couple of Malaysian bloggers reviewing their skincare, you may want to Google them up :)

This is the cafeteria that I'm talking about! It really serves as a good place to chill while waiting in between :)


// BEFORE //
 Honestly, I really didn't know what to expect but seeing from previous testimonials and patient's pictures, I'm convinced that this would give me visible results, even after 2 treatments. Personally, I have an expectation of seeing a sharper jawline, higher cheekbones and hopefully more hollow cheeks after the treatment. I was hoping for less need to angle myself during photography sessions and selfies (you know how some people are just genetically blessed being photogenic at every angle? I secretly want that too!).

// DURING //
My face was prepped with ultrasonic gel before the session begins. The treatment was divided into few sections of the face, as different surfaces (forehead vs jawline) vary in skin thickness. I took out my nose stud (you can actually keep on if you have one) just for safety purposes for this.

The machine releases 30 second pulses each set, with different areas of the face receiving varying repetitions. I noticed the area from cheekbones to jawline received more pulses (10-12 reps) compared to the undereye and temple area (6 reps). The machine is already programmed automatically, with display indicators for the ease of the therapist working on it.

My face felt warmer with each pulse; eg. 1st pulse 37°C, 30th pulse 40°C. It's like getting a hot stone massage onto the face. You have to communicate with your therapist very openly if you feel any discomfort or uneasiness so that she can adjust the machine to an appropriate temperature. Of course, if your heat tolerance is high, you are able to receive the full benefits of the treatment, however it is not advisable to push your pain limits.

My therapist was very sensitive in reading body languages, she could immediately tell my tolerance by observing my skin. I really felt at ease because I knew I was in good hands.

// AFTER //
After the machine treatment was done, I was given a cooling mask to soothe skin. I felt my swell a little right after the treatment (expanded from the heat).

I recommend NOT going for this treatment if you have a very important photoshoot or event the very next few days because if you are sensitive, you may also suffer from a swollen face like me. I was told it was normal for patients to receive this condition right after EXILIS ELITE treatment.

These are pics taken just before and after the treatment -

I will be following up with more pictures and another follow up post after this. Stay tuned for my next write up!

The BTL treatments are safe for patients of all ages who are showing signs of aging or want to improve those problem areas where exercise and diet have plateaued. This is also an option for those who are looking for the aesthetic improvement without the cost and recovery time of surgery.
Depending on the condition treated, typical number of treatments is between 2 to 6 sessions over the course of a few weeks. Treatments are usually scheduled 7 to 14 days apart and patients have reported results as soon as a few days after.
Results may vary. Patients have reported visible improvements after the second treatment session but it is common to see improvements up to 6 months. For best results, it is recommended to follow the in-between treatment instructions, maintain a healthy diet and drink plenty of water.

PRICE: RM1,800 for 1 session / RM4,500 for 4 sessions
*Price is accurate at the time of this post.

BTL Aesthetics Malaysia is home to the renowned global brand’s most revolutionary anti-ageing, body contouring, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction and anti-cellulite systems in the world. BTL specializes in three distinct segments of this market: physical therapy, cardiology and medical aesthetics. BTL’s aesthetic division manufactures non-surgical aesthetic devices that represent the best in wellness, producing cutting-edge technology for body and face care. Established in 1993 in Europe, BTL as an internationally leading brand has become one of the leading global manufacturers of medical devices with over 2 decades of global presence in the marketplace with over 52 offices worldwide.