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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

XES Hi Tea @ The Place, One City USJ

Tuesday, 5 May 2015
XES found another reason to gather all local media and bloggers alike, this time at The Place @ One City USJ instead of the usual outlet at Shah Alam / Quill City Mall!

The event was supposed to take place at Skypark (the rooftop area) however due to weather restrains, the event was shifted to The Place (what a name!) at the Ground Floor level at the building across the street. It wasn't difficult to locate (thank God because I was walking in heels!) and I find the venue a breath of fresh air since it was a semi-outdoor garden setting!

I found this picture of me taken during the previous XES during CNY Lou Sang (last Feb), hanging on a tree along with other bloggers/participants.

❤️Loving this candid shot of me and Janice! It's so so rare to find candid photos of me like this!❤️

Aside from caricature drawings that day, there was also a booth for temporary tattoos. So there I was, feeling all badass was itching to get one for myself because I have always wanted a permanent tattoo for as long as I can remember but I still have yet to see that through! I opted for some random roses and little hummingbird (there weren't much designs to choose from) at the back of my shoulders and it looks like this --

Btw if you are wondering, the blue bag I'm carrying is courtesy of XES, it was given to me at their previous event. It retails about RM100+ but the quality is really good and it's really roomy; it allows me to stuff so many things inside, becoming my Doraemon pocket/bag!

It was a simple event with a live band playing as part of our entertainment, little activities and not forgetting, catered food(!!!) to keep us occupied. The setting is perfect for that natural lighting OOTD shot (I took a few) but the temperature was SCORCHING HOT due to bad ventilation and the only beverage served was hot coffee (note to future organizers!).

Anyway, I was quite happy overall because XES always strives to make the best of what they can within their budget (and it helps that the PR Manager is awfully accommodating all the time!). We also saw a preview of their upcoming collection which will be launching in May at Quill City Mall (you heard it here first!) and all I can say is that XES is definitely upping their game with better quality designs and materials! (Yay for Malaysians!)




I'm ending the post with a picture of the winner of the Facebook contest.....

.... and a group photo with Media & Bloggers!

Look for more of our local brand XES at these social media sites:

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