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Wednesday, 6 May 2015

#GraceXBenefitMY Birthday Bash

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

It's my birthday tomorrow and I'm turning a year older, but that hasn't stopped me from being ALL GIRLY GIRL, having a pink themed birthday bash! BENEFIT COSMETICS have been so kind to help organize and coordinate my whole birthday bash -- from securing the venue, setting up a makeup workshop, my birthday face makeup prep, packaging goodie bags for guests, creating my birthday invites..... to even providing refreshments and bringing in BABY PINK helium balloons.......

Basically they took the liberty of planning the whole thing -- all I had to do was show up with my naked face and call all my friends over for a treat! It was truly a Dream Come True!!!
(How did I get so lucky anyways?!)
♡͙♡͚₍⸉ॢ⸍͕͈ ˕̫ ⸌͔͈⸊ॢ₎♡͚♡͙

These mini cupcakes even had personalization on the toppings!

I arrived about 2 hours earlier to Benefit, 1 Utama for complimentary birthday makeup makeover by their in house makeup artist. I kinda regretted not going to the hair salon earlier to get my hair braided up, else it would have been better in pictures! Makeup artist gave me a natural light makeup (I personally prefer a heavier do since I didn't had much sleep the night before, being excited for this day to come!) with dark eyebrows, thus leaving me looking a little like Cara Delevingne. I put on my flower wreath and I'm ready to go!

My guests started to arrive at 3.00pm sharp (how I appreciate all of you who took the time to be punctual!) and my official photographer Adrian Lau started snapping photos away!

Shivani Balraj & Alvynna Joanna

Jenn Chia

Janice Yong

Cake was by which serves one of the yummiest butter cakes around IMHO!

Crystal Swung

Olivia Shyan

Any event isn't complete with a photobooth!

So for my birthday, I had the privilege to have WOWgram to provide photobooth services! WOWgram is a little different from your usual photobooth concept where you get to stand in front of a camera and take 3 continuous shots. WOWgram is a concept where it prints your Instagram uploads into polaroid-like pics for keepsake! I shall elaborate about it in my upcoming post for a better understanding of the process! :)

Btw, WOWgram is brought to you by Wowsome (formerly known as Wow Photobooth) and you can go stalk them first at their Facebook Page if you just can't wait for my post! hehs.

With that said, my friends immediately got all trigger happy with countless of selfies, wefies and #OOTD pics started appearing on #GraceXBenefitMY @WOWbooth,
just to get their pics printed into polaroids!!!

My two besties with Felicia (new beauty blogger friend!)

I thought it was the perfect incentive of people to upload photos on Instagram on the spot as WOWgram only detects photos with the hashtags!

The makeup workshop was head by Benefit's National Brow Artist, Rileen Chua. She introduced to us Benefit's latest revolutionary Roller Lash mascara, which allows users to curl lashes without the help of an eye lash curler. Jazel played the Demo Girl (she's currently running for FHM Malaysia Girl Next Door 2015 competition so please help vote for her!!) and the rest of us got to see the mascara wand upclose and try it ourselves.

Rileen explained that Roller Lash is used from the base of the lashes to the ends, for a lengthening effect. To finish the look, Rileen used Benefit's They're Real mascara to volumnize the lashes from the middle to the ends. She demo-ed on Jazel's right lashes to show a Before-After comparison.

Left with They're Real mascara, Right without.

Sidenote: In my entire life long experience with mascaras, I always have a habit of using BOTH lengthening and volumizing mascara, with the help of mascara base. I don't know about you, but I always try not to use falsies for most days because I absolutely hate it when my falsies fall out halfway throughout the day! *grumpycat*








Abrupt cut to the 

Don't mind our facial expressions. I just wanted to make the pictures look alive as possible because we were standing too formally and I'd hate how it would turn out after that!

If you notice the candle in this picture, it's slanting a little bit like the Leaning Tower of Pisa because I had to blow out the fire so hard, it just blew over and stood sideways after that XD

After the cutting cake sess was over, all the girls gathered around to continue uploading their pics on Insta to get them WOWgram snaps! They did exactly as all bloggers would do: cropping and editing pictures, writing creative captions, hashtaging and such! We sat around for a good 30 minutes before we left!

Team Benefit Cosmetics Malaysia
for making this happen!

You girls (and guy) really did make my little girl dreams come true and I'm really thankful, tearing up because I'm truly touched by all the effort you put in especially for me :')

Carmen Sheon

Jazel Lim

I also hope you girls enjoyed the pictures with me! There's the full album on my Facebook, so do check them out here if you want to feast your eyes on all things pink and some eye candies! ;)

Even almost all my pressies are in pink!
Who knew?!??

And as always, a job well done of my perfect nails by beeQnails!

It's my actual birthday tomorrow so I'm gonna pamper myself for the rest of the day today! Look out for my updates on Facebook and Instagram throughout the day tomorrow!

See you there!

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  1. Wow!!! Such a big bash! Arghh I missed it coz I have to work on that day huhuhu...

    Happy Birthday Grace and I look forward to attend a bigger birthday bash of yours next year.


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