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Monday, 27 April 2015

VS Sassoon iPink Instant Studio Professional Hair Setter (Travel Hot Hair Rollers in Pink) Review

Monday, 27 April 2015

When I was younger, my mom was always spotted with hair rollers on (imagine that vintage looking image of stay-at-home-moms) and she made me and my sister help her put on and take them off. I remember it was always a joy helping to beautify her, it was one of those memorable mother-daughter bonding moment.

Fast forward today, I am old enough to use my own hair rollers. I received a set of VS Sassoon travel hair rollers from our local beauty ecommerce store, HiShop Malaysia (thank you!) and was asked my thoughts on it. Before this, I have always curled my hair the old school way of using a heated curling tong. They never fail to give me the volume and staying power that I want.

`*:;,.★ ~☆・:.,;* FIRST LOOK `*:;,.★ ~☆・:.,;*

The travel set comes in 5 big rollers measuring 38mm each, along with 5 hair securing U wire pins and 5 plastic clips. The size of the product is relatively compact, about 17cm x 15cm, you could bring it along for travel purposes.

I was thinking to myself, are 5 pieces of hot rollers enough for my whole head?!?
I currently sport a shoulder length hair but have relatively thick hair though.
I was keen to find out for myself.

The heater has to be plugged into a power socket and it takes about 10-15 minutes for the hair rollers to be heated. There is a power switch on the product for easier handling (instead of controlling the power from the power socket like some products do!). The only indication to know whether the hair rollers are ready is the DOT ON THE MIDDLE ROLLER. Pink shows that it is normal room temperature and it will turn FULLY WHITE when it's ready!

Hair rollers heating up, resulting some mist onto the glass cover.

The hair roller middle dot has turned full white and they're all set!

This is BEFORE HAIR.  I shampooed the day before and the roots were slightly greasy thus I put Dry Shampoo to volumize my hair.

Being a huge noob and beauty geek, I watched a few YouTube videos to see how to roll my hair using HOT ROLLERS. HOT, mind you. I was so paranoid that I may burn myself, seeing it's the first time I'm using such a product!

So I learnt that the hair rollers should be rolled OUTWARDS towards the HAIR CROWN.
(see arrows in the photo above)
Since I only had 5 rollers to play with, I parted my hair in 5 sections, starting from the top front Fringe area. From the middle, I continued to the back with 2 more rollers, rolling towards up direction. I then finish off with the remaining two at the sides, one left and one right.

The correct part to hold these rollers are on the pink velvety side. Silly me was scared the pink was hot so I held onto the black plastic (which was hotter) and had a hard time putting them on! I finally braved myself to touch the pink side because it was almost impossible to twist my hair up by holding the plastic sides only then only to realize that the pink surface is not hot at all.

The AFTER photos.

`*:;,.★ ~☆・:.,;* VERDICT `*:;,.★ ~☆・:.,;*

Difficulty: 3/5
Efficacy: 2/5
Packaging: 4/5
Eco Friendliness: Nope
Value for Money: 1/5

Call me brutal for my judgment, but I seriously didn't enjoy using these hair rollers. Firstly it is so NOT convenient during prep time for me because it takes 10-15 minutes for it to be fully heated, compared to my usual hair curling tong which only takes 5 minutes or less. Basically the prep time is a beeeeech, but time to roll the hair in place takes only a few minutes once you get used to twisting your hair in place. (I initially had difficulty using this because my hair is short to begin with and using huge rollers are difficult!) Wait time for hair to be done is another 10 minutes or so, so you can actually USE THE ROLLERS BEFORE MAKEUP and remove them after makeup for better time management.

Apparently these rollers are supposed to give you that wavy, tousled look but it is NERVE WRECKING to not be able to control the shape of the hair after removing them hair rollers! You see, if I use a curling tong, I can control the direction of my hair and I can adjust the hair if I am not happy midway curling. But for these rollers, because you have to leave them on, YOU ARE NOT ABLE TO CHECK YOUR HAIR WHILE IT IS BEING CURLED. Then once you take the curlers off, if you are not happy with the shape of your hair, THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT! Bahhhhhhh~~
(See my back pic above to get what I mean. My hair direction is asymmetrical, left being lower and the right higher.)

After writing this review, I realized my pics were all happy smiley and it is such an lie! lol. Well, I took these photos prior to my knowledge that I will not be pleased with my experience, so that explains. I have very mixed emotions about this thing during the first time using it so I'm not sure when will be the next time I touch it again!

- Can be used before makeup and removed immediately after that
- Lightweight and travel friendly
- Comes with the option to use wire clips or plastic clips
- Power switch for convenience
- Natural waves for tousled look

- Inconvenient compared to curling tong
- Unable to control the curls
- Curls not long lasting
- Only 5 rollers, didn't see refills being sold separately
- Pricey

If you plan to purchase this product anyway, or any other product on HiShop, do use the
for 15% discount at checkout ;)

I may not be happy with my experience using it maybe because of my current hair length, but who knows it may work better for me when my hair is slightly longer? Let me know if you have this and enjoy using this because there may be something I'm missing out and I need your input.

Disclaimer: VS Hot Hair Rollers were sponsored by and all of my opinions are honest and were NOT filtered in any way by any committee before publishing.


  1. i would have doubt with this product too. heating it up first and then rolling it up.. 1. it's hard to handle coz it's hot. 2. think by the time i roll it up, it's warm and not efficient at making curls or curls that stay long... haha.. not to mention, the price is crazy expensive too! @.@ would have gotten a nice thong or roller with that price~

  2. @Tenshi Chn
    Thank you for your input! Yes, I feel that I could gotten the auto curler from Babyliss at that price XD could be just me being a noob with the hair rollers, but it's really not user friendly :(

  3. I have hot rollers and love them. But in Malaysia, hot rollers pric are very expensive cause the demand is low.

    The trick with hot rollers is, you got to leave them in for at least 30 minutes for them to cool down and set in. That is why leaving in for 10-15 minutes will not show the curls. Definitely not for instant quick curls.


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