Leave Your Car Servicing to CITICARS While You Shop!

Everyone wants an ease of mind when it comes car servicing.

I know I do!
To be honest, I'm not very knowledgable when it comes to car stuff (cos my paps usually take care of those for me) but as I become older, I have taken on more responsibilities such as paying my own bills... and well, paying for my car maintenance.

As a lady with a car in the city, I'd always prefer to run errands all in one location because I want to buy my groceries, go to the gym, get my facials and falala-- in the shortest time possible. Also, it's easier to get everything done in ONE PLACE so that I do not waste my petrol and time moving about in the city or get caught in the jam. 

So just last Tuesday, I was given the opportunity to get my car serviced IN A SHOPPING MALL! This basically means I leave my car to get it serviced for only less than two hours, while doing whatever I wanted to do in the mall!

FYI, Citicars currently has 4 outlets in Sunway Pyramid, The Gardens Mid Valley, Empire Shopping Gallery and Paradigm Mall and another 2 upcoming ones in City Square JB and DPulze Shopping Centre @ Cyberjaya (both set to open in May 2015).

I chose Sunway Pyramid because it's my current favourite shopping mall!

If you are coming in for the Sunway Pyramid outlet, remember that YOU ARE GETTING YOUR CAR SERVICED, so you NEED TO DRIVE TO THE SERVICE OUTLET. There is no such valet service where you drive to the main entrance and leave it to the jockey (well not that I know of now anyway).

Frankly, I was a bit scared that I'd get lost in the middle of the carpark area (Sunway Pyramid carpark is EFFING HUGE!) so I made sure I double, triple checked the info properly which can be found on Citicars Facebook Page. You need to drive to Basement 1, either Entrance A or C (I came in from Entrance A but later realized that Entrance C, the one near Sunway Lagoon, is closer to the outlet) and make your way to Pillar R14. I'm so thankful that it is EASY TO LOCATE, which laid my fears to rest.

Sunway Pyramid has a new carpark payment system - Sunway Pals!

Well, the downside about servicing your car in a mall is, you also need to pay for parking.
So my suggestion is come on a weekday, that's when there are lesser people and parking is relatively cheaper.

Upon arriving, I parked my car at the service outlet then had to check in by registering myself at the Citicars office. It's only walking distance so no worries! 

FYI, Citicars provides:
Servicing, Tyres and Repair All Types of Cars.

This is the Citicars office where patrons can sit down and wait while getting their car fixed.

So I was told about their ongoing promotions and contest, then I was advised that my car would be ready about 1 hour 30 mins. In the meantime, the office girl told me that she would give me a call for any emergencies. So be sure to keep your phone close to you if you are going to walk around the mall because I did receive a few calls during my visit!

Anyway if you were wondering what kind of services I did that day, I did this --

Citicars Montez Semi Package (worth RM198)
  • Montez SR3 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil
  • Original Oil Filter
  • Anti-rust
  • Air Filter Cleaning Service
  • Windshield Washer Top-Up
  • Citicars Signature 26 Inspection Points Check
  • Vehicle Diagnosis
  • Citicars Service History Booklet
  • Labour
I also topped up RM28++ for Engine Flush which functions to:
  • Remove harmful deposits in dirty engine
  • Inhibits deposit formation
  • Restores power and performance
  • Free sticky valves and lifters
  • Loosen stuck piston rings
  • Smoother, quieter running engine
  • Improves fuel economy
  • 3 Layer protection against friction, heat and wear
  • Longer engine life

My Experience

During my walk around the mall, I was being called multiple times to be informed that my car's Valve Gasket was leaking badly and I had to replace it ASAP. I initially could not make out what the serviceman was saying (he was Chinese educated, and I don't speak Chinese very much) and it was my first time ever having to hear the phrase "Valve Gasket" in my entire life (lol). The call was being passed around to 3 people(!!!!!) from the serviceman, the salesman and then the office girl. I was like, quite annoyed la cos I was in the middle of my meal and they kept calling me when my phone battery was sort of dying.

So I told them I will only check out when I collect my car because replacement needs additional costs and I wanted to see for myself how bad the condition was before deciding to go ahead. To cut the long story short, my walk around the mall was cut short unwillingly because I had to go check on my car :/

I'm glad that the sales person there wasn't pushy, instead I find them very informative and had an educational experience. Unfortunately for me, my almost-7-year-old car is ageing thus I need to spend money on repairs and replacements, le sigh. I did not replace my Valve Gasket (Citicars charges RM120±) in the end, I figured that I'd consult my dad before deciding anything regarding my car. 

Another thing I find a bit unsatisfied was that I wasn't given the option to do both car service and tyre service on the same day, instead I had to choose only one option when it was a weekday. I felt a bit odd because I didn't see any other pending customers. I also felt that I wasted this trip because I could have killed two birds in one stone, unlike my other blogger friends got to do both services in the Paradigm Mall outlet. (They were also invited to get their car serviced!)
(,,◕ ⋏ ◕,,)

I'm not sure whether the service charges are reasonable because this is my first time ever having to send my car for service. I recommend to service your car at your regular car service place if its still under warranty, but if your car's warranty, like mine, is over, I think going to Citicars is not a bad idea despite the minor hiccups. This is because the overall experience was okay, and I think they are having a promotion now for tyres. If you are looking to change your tyres or service your car in the near future, you may use my code for Value Added Service -

Bloggers Promo Code:

Free Tyre Alignment
Free Tyre Balancing
Free Nitrogen Air
Value Worth = RM120
*With purchase of 1 tyre or 1 service package

If you find the charges reasonable, do give it a go! My other blogger friends had a good time in Paradigm Mall outlet, perhaps you can try it there and let me know! :)


1. Sunway Pyramid - Entry A or C, Level B1, Pillar R14 | 03-5611 0398
2. The Gardens Mall - Zone B, Level P2, Pillar B60A | 03-2282 1266
3. Paradigm Mall - Entry A or B, Basement 1, Next to Pillar P13 | 03-7886 7960
4. Empire Shopping Gallery Subang - Entry A or B, Basement 2 | 03-5612 0092
5. Johor Bahru City Square (Opening in May 2015)
6. DPulze Shopping Centre @ Cyberjaya (Opening in May 2015)