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Hi-Res sounds with the SONY NWZ-A15

A mini music player which promises HiRes sounds - the brand to comes to my mind first is definitely SONY. (Sorry iPods!) Perhaps this correlation was developed ever since my school days when I used to be addicted to music all day long, non stop. I have been using this mini pink audio device for about a month now and I can say I am quite satisfied with its efficacy.

Nowadays, people don't really spend much money on buying a music player because.... their smartphones (especially the iPhone!) have in-built superior quality sound system (well for me at least! I'm super happy with my iPhone/iPad sound quality)!!!

So anyway. It would definitely be a good idea to invest in a proper music player, especially if you are one who works out at the gym regularly and need your dose of audio distraction.

I personally have tried using the iPhone previously to focus during my workout sessions and I can honestly say that it is very distracting when messages keep coming in and suddenly you are caught spending time replying messages one by one instead of doing what you're supposed to at the gym.

Using a separate music player has its benefits -

It keeps you focused on working out.

You have more memory space on your phone for other files (like apps/photos/videos!)

Your phone battery will not be drained drastically.

Its lightweight therefore you don't feel the music player moving about in your pocket, or worse still, dropping out of your pocket while weight lifting or cardio sessions.

When paired with a mighty headphone, wow -- the results are superbly amazing I am lost for words to describe!

So this is me transferring files to my Sony A15! It retails at RM699 at Sony Centres nationwide. They do have another model which is the A17 (RM999), which comes in the same size and weight.  The only difference is in the in-built capacity (A15 is 16GB / A17 is 64GB).

This music player is dubbed as the World's smallest and lightest Hi-Res audio digital music player. Measuring at approximately 43.6 x 109 x 8.7mm(!!!), you can definitely slide this baby almost anywhere without feeling the weight of it (only 66g!). Its really easy for me to slide into my small pockets anywhere in my jeans and not worry that it will bulge out like a banana (haha)! 

The thing that I really like about this player is that I can increase its memory capacity by just sliding in an external mini SD card and I'm good to go! No more "Oh shucks not enough memory" like how us iPhone users always fret about (I so hate that because upgrading the memory is super not cheap, especially when we are just earning Malaysian Ringgits... sobs)!!

This player can play almost all types of audio files aside from just your usual MP3 (like FLAC, AIFF, ALAC files) so yay to no need for audio conversion! In addition, you can actually tune in to FM Radio (something that smartphones always fail to do) without using data to stream.

Also, not forgetting that this player has Bluetooth ability, which means I can sync it with my sound system or even wireless earphones!

1. A separate device from your smartphone to solely focus on music.
2. Lightweight and portability
3. Able to play various audio file formats
4. Can upgrade memory capacity with SD card
5. Bluetooth function
6. Long battery life (30-50 hours playback)
7. FM Radio Tuner

1. No touchscreen (if you're used to too many "smart" devices)
2. Takes quite long to charge (4 hours)
3. Not the best display to boast
4. Pricey to invest in a separate audio device but its worth the investment! Quality audio is what we are paying for, no? ;)

To see more in-depth specs on this player, check out SONY's website here.
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