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First Day of CNY 2015 in Penang Lookbook

I always travel back to Penang for every Chinese New Year. It's my father's hometown and we would visit my lovely (and lonely) grandma here to keep her company. My father is the one that spent his childhood growing up in Penang, not me -- I'm a KL city girl at heart.
(⌯͒▾ ˑ̫ ▾⌯͒)ฅ⃛

Whenever I'm back to Penang, we'd always visit the same places, year in and year out. Same food, same hawker stalls, same..... everything.

But this year was a little different for us. My brother is currently stationed in Singapore for work and 
we are back here with less one male lifeform.
(,,◕ ⋏ ◕,,)

I secretly wasn't really looking forward to going on a long roadtrip from KL to Penang because I'm closest to my little bro and it would have been somewhat dead boring to go Penang without him (bleh). Plus my Penang family is really small (my father has only one sister, which makes them only two siblings, thus only two Penang-based cousins) and my relatives are mostly Chinese speaking (I am horrible with my Chinese language!).

So anyways, while having lunch this afternoon, I stumbled upon a back alley near Macalister Road and was inspired to take some OOTD pics in my Stylenanda inspired banana dress!

I have never seen this place before in broad daylight (we usually visit this place during dinner time) and it had sorta like a Baba Nyonya Peranakan feel! (My heritage!)


After lunch, my sis and I left for Gurney and more OOTD opportunities arose!

All pics were taken by the sis (with much "shouting" and directing HAHAHA)!
I honestly didn't edit the pics except for the colours and contrast.


So here's a pic of me and angpaus collected for the day from all my loved ones!

To end the day, here's some funny shit I read on my Facebook timeline this morning!
(Mr Koh is some lousai at Lansi brand aka The Swagger Salon!)

Happy Chinese New Year 2015
and May the Huat be with You!