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Monday, 24 November 2014

Travelling Sarawak

Monday, 24 November 2014
In September, I was part of a team that was headed by my boyfriend's dad to tour around 3 cities in Sarawak within 5 days. Kuching-Kanowit-Sibu. You may heard of Kuching and Sibu (as they are major cities) but I'm pretty sure you've never heard of Kanowit! It's a small town about an hour's drive from Sibu, which also happens to be le boyfriend's hometown. We were touring as a group of 40 pax entourage, along with Astro performers - singers and dancers - for a 3 night performance tour for the 3 cities.

So we gathered in the newly opened KLIA2, which was a MAJOR IMPROVEMENT since LCCT days!! The airport was freaking huge, with so many notable international retailers! There were plenty of shops for F&B, fashion, beauty, technology,.... almost anything you can think of! HECK they even have a freaking SUPERMARKET (Jaya Grocer) there!

Day One - Kuching

Checked in to Pullman Hotel, Kuching.

The room view overlooking the famous river of Sarawak!

First stop of the day when we touched down Kuching after checking into the hotel was Sarawak Cultural Village!

At 3pm there was a cultural show that features the local tribes of Sarawak, which was quite surprisingly impressive!!

I noticed that for almost every stunt, they had to recite some words before performing those dangerous stunts! This man was chanting some scriptures/prayers before he proceeded to spin on top of a pole!

After the cultural show, we walk towards the Damai, a beach just outside the cultural village.

After that it was a simple dinner then it was time to unwind for the night!

I brought TruDtox tea with me (to help with my digestion/constipation problems lol) as well as some pampering beauty care - Laneige Water Sleeping Pack - to keep my face cool and hydrated! Oh that game controller belongs to my bf haha, it happens to be there in front of the tv when I snapped this photo.

Day Two - Kuching
(Performance first night)

Kickstarted the day with a hearty buffet breakfast!

Not much variety at Pullman Kuching but the food sure tasted goooooooddd!!

Meanwhile back at the hotel room........

Snippy snappy some LOTD/OOTD before the day begins!

There was a large banner showcasing the Astro performers during the 3 night tour! His mom was suggesting that the some of singers resembles some of us girls(?!).

And they said the lady in the poster behind me resembles me (I thought otherwise)!

We then walked nearby away from the hotel towards the Sarawak River Cruise!

 Then came first performance night!

Check out the singers' fab costumes!

Supper with a pig head dumpling!

Day 3 - Kanowit

We woke up really early the next morning to prepare to fly to Sibu then transfer to Kanowit, a small town about one hour drive away.

We reached Sibu town. This will be the venue for the final night, which is the day after.

Sat down for lunch with some traditional Sarawak "kampua" noodles.

We rested throughout the evening and then prepped for second night performance at Kanowit. We had to leave Sibu earlier to avoid any unwanted traffic jams.

No performance pics here (because all costumes were repeats haha plus it was raining lightly) but more food of pics, yes!

To know more about Kanowit town, perhaps you can check out these blogs (both written in Malay) -

Day 4 - Sibu

Hearty Sarawakian Breakfast to start the day!
We spent the morning visiting some relatives and had a fellowship session over food.

We travelled in a bus along with the performers as there were almost 40 of us!

Day 5 - Back to KL

Last stop in Sibu for breakFEAST!

Unfortunately for us, our flight was scheduled at 1.30pm and was delayed for almost EIGHT FRIGGIN' HOURS(!!!!!) due to some runway closure (there was a small plane that skidded and they needed to clean the runway) sighhhhh!

There was a long line in front of Sugarbun because the airport compensated RM8 voucher to each flight passenger and people were claiming food with it.

And that concluded my Sarawak trip! It was hella tiring for me because we were travelling nonstop! If you are planning to travel to Sarawak, don't forget to try out their famous Sarawak kolok mee and Sibu famous kampua noodles! I definitely arrived back in KL heavier lol.

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