Tuesday, 25 November 2014

After 30 Days of REALASH

Follow up to my introductory post a month ago, here's some updates regarding the much talked about eyelash enhancer - REALASH.

These are my natural eyelashes currently (Day 30), without falsies neither extensions, Just Natural VS With Mascara.

DAY 30






Now comparing side by side with Day 1.



My Verdict

I noticed that throughout my usage, my lashes has been dropping more often than it used to. Prior to using Realash, my eyelashes hardly fall out, almost never. I'm not sure what's the cause of this. However I do notice that the thickness and fluffyness has been increased dramatically and I do not need to use falsies, just mascara, to make my eyelashes visible in photos (yay).

As you can see in the Without Mascara comparison pic, there are more strands of hair on my right eyes, very obvious. (btw if you are wondering, I was using Maybelline's The Falsies mascara for Day 1 and Day 30. I used different contact lens to tell the pics apart better - for you and for me hehs).

Truth to be told, I applied the serum diligently every night for the first two weeks, then started to miss out a few nights from third week onwards. So perhaps the results are not at its optimum levels, as you can see. You may experience better results with diligent nightly application!

Worth the purchase, or not?
I'll be updating till Day 90 so stay tuned!

Just to refresh your memory on how REALASH looks like!
Only use once a day, only on upper eyelids, every night before hitting the sack.

You can read about the product on www.realash.my.
REALASH is sold in few packages ranging between RM199 (1 unit) - RM479 (3 units).

All pics taken with my CASIO ZR1000.

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