This is Your Miss Mean Machines 2014 - CROWD FAVOURITE!

YES you read that right!

I am your new Miss Mean Machines 2014 - Crowd Favourite! I managed to get into TOP 6 (which is a long way because Mean Machines usually need a hot banging body to grab the title!) and I'm so thankful for that! It's been so long since I am comfortable showing off my body because my weight have been on the heavy side for so many years!

I feel that I am so happy that my body has improved so much over the course of ONE YEAR, especially with intense workout session and better eating habits! (You can see some photos from last year, there is a MAJOR DIFFERENCE in face and body due to weight loss!) I think I lost about 10kgs in total??! HAHAHA, never in my life I thought I could go back to my high school weight, I always had difficulty in losing weight in the past!

Now now, before you draw conclusions that all car girls are slutty and degrading, let me clarify here a few things --

1. Car showgirls are promoters for the cars/car products. We are not asked to pose slutty or obscene in any way. In fact, we were told NOT to pose like a pornst*r. Sexy and slutty, there is FINE LINE in between.

2. Car showgirls do NOT sleep around with photographers/clients.

3. We are friends with event photographers, because they are hobbyists and we like to get our pics from them. Having a DSLR does NOT make you a photographer. A photographer does NOT gives you a free pass to be hamsap to girls either.

This is my first time wearing a car showgirl outfit (this is by far the most sexy mini pageant-like contest I have ever participated) and honestly it's intimating because I have to keep watching what I eat!! I am one who bloats up easily (no thanks to not being fully lean just yet) thus I have to keep thinking about calories and fat content (fml). During the first day, my abs lines could be seen but towards the second day, it has all blurred out thanks to the Fried Maggi I ate for dinner/supper (no choice, we finished event quite late and there was no healthy food options left).

Now that you have read the above disclaimers, here are some of my favourite shots over the weekend of Oct 4 & 5, at Auto City, Juru, Penang! (I would like to add that, none of these pics were edited in terms of face or body shape, some pics were only edited in terms of colour, brightness and contrast.)


#01 Hi this is me and you will be seeing a lot of this pose in pics to come lol.

#02 This is me with super sexy Minnie Mouse Loh

#03 working the bike together!



#06 from left: yours truly, Minnie, Crystal, Jeri Lee (US Model), Amy Fay (US Model), Syasya (youngest contestant ever, only 17!)





#11 Promoting Chemical Guys



#14 AHAHAHA ignore the slippers please! We were on our way for break time while the sponsors asked us for a quick snapshot, we asked to crop our legs away but the photographer decided to take a full length photo anyway!
#15 On Top of the World!


#17 At first, there were 13 contestants altogether but Kitty Goh pulled out second day due to health reasons (Kitty is a mute model from JB and she's a mother too!)















#32 sticking that butt out













#45 three miss mean machines musketeers!

#46 With Andrew Chan, Director of Mean Machines, awarding me Crowd Favourite subsidiary title!

#47 Group photo with newly crowned winners

For those who are wondering, results as below --

Miss Mean Machines 2014
Janice Tan

1st Runner Up
Crystal Swung

2nd Runner Up
Minnie Loh

4th, 5th, 6th placing
(in no particular order)
Grace Myu, Cecilia Chong, April Low

Miss Prince - Crystal Swung

Miss Ann's Lavender Mist - Cindy Tang

Miss Popularity - Cecilia Chong

Miss Photogenic - Winnie Choo

Miss Congeniality - Carmen Dianne Ngooi

Miss Crowd Favourite - Grace Myu

Mean Machines Ambassador - Jazel Lim
(who was also last year's Miss Mean Machines)

#48 Thank you Mean Machines! I had a great time despite the rainy weather! (Actually I thank God for the rainy weather because I don't have to stand under the hot blazing sun AHAHAAHHA!)

I met so many new photographer and model friends and even met few silent readers and supporters along the way! During the course of this competition, there is a sudden increase in Facebook friend requests and Instagram followers (hurray!) and I even got a really thoughtful encouragement which goes likes this --

Loo Soon Huat Grace : I would say that, among the contestant, you are the most natural, lively and active posing contestant. You don't show "fake" smiling gesture and posing. All look so natural. And that smile is sweet and 'killing', lol !! ( sorry am saying that) . But this my comment and some view point. I think you deserved better. 
October 7 at 9:19pm

Thank you guys for making my trip to Penang a memorable one! Hopefully we will meet again soon (during CNY, that is)!!