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Saturday, 9 August 2014


Saturday, 9 August 2014
Day Two of POPMARKET was much much MORE EXCITING!! 

We had more people coming in for performances, and the highlight of the whole event was the release of 500 balloons (Search for more pics with the hashtag #500FreeSmiles) into the sky to signify a sign of hope and happiness for Malaysia and the world (due to the recent tragedies like MH17, MH370, war, etc)

All of us bloggers -- including Weena, Nana, Vicky, Jacs, Chenelle, Chanwon, Juliana, Cherrie, and yours truly -- each were given a bunch of balloons to hold along with other participants (mostly including children)!! We snapped plenty of photos because it was so so COLOURFUL AND BRIGHT!! Right after the balloons were released, there were a few kids who cried pretty loudly tho!! They were so sad that their balloons went to the sky, none of them had extras to take home!! And photographers around them just snapped photos to capture their emotions.... Poor kids!

I had so much funnnn... bumping into friends and also a sweet sweet beauty sponsor of mine even bought me my fave Starbucks unexpectedly!! I'm so touched, first time meeting a stranger (we only conversed online only before this) and she bought me something sweet! TOTALLY UNEXPECTED!! *tearsofjoy*

Aside from that, I made a couple of new friends with nearby booths, and even got freebies such as hair mask and hair treatment from Ellips, as well as face masks, lip gloss and eye lashes from Jealousness makeup brand (they threw in more freebies cos I bought like RM100+ worth of stuff from them, their eyeliners have good reviews online that's why I stocked up on them, they were going for 5 pieces = RM100)!!!!!

As Weena (emcee of the day) went around the booths interviewing one by one of us bloggers, the crowd just kept growing more and more! Most of us had super good sales after that hehs.

I am so thankful to POP CULTURE LIVE team for making this event happen! The man below I snapped pics with is Jason Eng - basically the Founder. So if you do ever bump into him in events, just know that he is running Pop Culture magazine and things are looking bright for them (just thought you should hear from me first! Haha)!!!



So this pic above here is Jason Eng - man behind POP CULTURE LIVE!

Signing off with a couple of selfies!
(lighting was friggin' awesome that weekend!!!)

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