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Monday, 4 August 2014


Monday, 4 August 2014

L-R: Vicky Bobo Chow, Jacsafterparty, Chanwon Tan, Nana, Chenelle, me

DAY ONE of POP MARKET started out quite hectic in the afternoon, nearing lunch! I was located at the best booth location (right beside main entrance!!) and shared a booth with my high school friend Hui Ni (she runs a blogshop called Mivvii). My booth was made up of mainly my preloved goods (clothes, shoes, accessories, corsets, starting from 3 for RM10 stuffs!) along with Mivvii's clothes & bikinis.

During the start of the event, there was a registration booth to redeem goodies (inside you can find goodies from Ellips and a pair of eye mask!) and it was really easy, almost no queue at all! There were about 50++ booths in total, including sponsors, bloggers and F&B booths. 

If you are wondering, I think my first day sales was only average, and I heard the highest was about a whopping RM700++ from one of the bloggers selling only preloved stuffs!! I think the trick is to have many variety of prices and offers to attract customers!

Anyway, I did try The Potong's limited edition DURIAN KING flavour (super must try for durian lovers!) and I highly recommend it!! *twothumbsup* ☆⌒(*^∇゜)v 
It costs RM7 for a 4-inch popsicle stick but its super worth it!!

Also another worthy mention is MAZMOIZELLE (a imported brand from Thailand) range of products made from special type of leather -- it's actually handcrafted designer bags made with cork fabric! And I saw a special, one-of-a-kind pair of super high heels made from the cork-like fabric! 
From what I know, they are specially imported by Pop Culture Live (the organizer of Pop Market) and they were on 20% off all products during the special weekend event! Do visit if you wish to see more products.

That's a wrap for Day One (2 Aug 2014). Hang on for more pics for Day Two!!! XX

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