Be BRAVE: Which Inner Hero Are You?

Today I'm going to be discussing about something on a very personal level, something that some of my girlfriends talk when we are out without the guys.

Have you ever heard of the condition - Premature Ejaculation (PE)?

I was recently provided some information on the condition and found out that while male impotence is the more discussed topic, the “other” problem, PE is actually more common, affecting up to 1 in 3 men across Asia Pacific according to a study by Kantar Health (2013).

It was revealed that within the Asia Pacific region, Malaysian men came out on top when it came to the lack of knowledge, which in turn hindered many individuals from visiting a healthcare professional to manage the condition.

PE occurs when a man has difficulty controlling ejaculation and often ejaculates with little sexual stimulation. For both men and their partners, coping with PE is both emotional and physical. PE may be associated with low self-confidence, anxiety, feelings of shame and avoidance of sexual intimacy. 

Though PE might be perceived to be a man’s own personal problem, it is actually better approached as a couple. I know I would want my partner to be supportive of me if I ever have a "girl problem" too! *touchwood* 

40% of women mentioned that they do not discuss about PE as they fear it would hurt their partner’s feelings (ouch, who wouldn't at first?), however a whopping 62% of men reported that they would likely visit the doctor if their partner advises them to. Therefore, with a healthy push and motivation from their partners, men are more likely to be inclined to discuss the matter and seek help.

Of course NO MAN wants to know their have a problem with their manhood.
Hellooooo, us ladies don't even wanna know we have a problem with our estrogens or any female related reproductive organs for that matter. It is so shameful especially in Asia where sex is (still) a taboo.... so, what do you do when you have problems in the bedroom?

To prevent such distress, it is important that men determine if they have this condition should they suspect they may have PE.

The Be Brave Campaign

Addressing these significant findings, A. Menarini (Malaysia) recently launched the BE BRAVE campaign to create awareness among couples that PE is a treatable condition. Crafted to lift the fog and stigma that surrounds the subject matter, the campaign brings people to BE BRAVE and break free from the silence and focus on what is more important – the solution.

BE BRAVE is a source of motivation and is designed to break down taboos and ultimately drive action to seek treatment. It acts as a key communicator to engage consumers through digital and on-ground initiatives that will spark conversations on PE.

The Digital Journey to Healing

The campaign aims to educate and inspire men with premature ejaculation (PE) to speak up about their health condition and provoke women to advocate for their partners. No explicit content, so it's all safe for people of all ages!

Developed to de-stigmatize the condition, the quiz engages players in a fun and entertaining way to ease the tension associated with PE. They are then playfully profiled by a series of fun questions to determine their ‘inner hero’. As Men find out who their “inner hero” is, women will find which “inner hero” fits their man and both will slowly be introduced to the bedroom topic. A fun addition to the quiz is to see if the results match between the partners.

Finally, a campaign which reaches out to PE patients!

The Be BRAVE Quiz can be found at 

In keeping with the superhero theme, I really liked the design and layout of the quiz. At the Which Inner Hero Are You quiz homepage, there are two quizzes which you can take. One is actually designed for men and the other for women. Naturally, I took the female quiz.

After completing the Which Inner Hero Are You quiz, my result said my partner matches the character of the Love Magnet. I was pretty pleased with this result because I thought the description was really similar to my Mr's personality traits. After this blog post, I am going to have to get him to play the quiz. *Fingers crossed* he gets Love Magnet! ooohlala~

As you can also see from the screenshot of the result page on the right-hand top there is a Call-To-Action website which is where you can find out more about premature ejaculation and ways to overcome the health condition. You can also find a lot of interesting information and de-bunking myths regarding premature ejaculation.

If you guys are interested in playing the quiz, it is accessible through and the Be Brave MY Facebook page at

Do try it out and share with your friends and family! Don’t forget to click on to learn more about this health condition. This website is the only credible online resource that contains comprehensive information about the condition, a diagnostic tool and suitable treatments available.

If you suspect you may have the condition, you can take the Premature Ejaculation Diagnostic Tool (PEDT Quiz). This will help you decide whether you need to see a doctor for a diagnosis and effective treatment.

The first step in healing is Acknowledgement. Then next is to Seek Help. Don't let feelings of guilt and shame stop you or your partner from getting better.

I hope this article has shed some enlightenment on the subject and it would be an encouragement you and your partner to acknowledge and seek treatment!