#ACABloggeRestyle #35yrs @ A CUT ABOVE Restyle, Mont Kiara

Huge transformation, ain't it? 

About two weeks ago I visited A Cut Above Restyle situated at Mont Kiara to get my hair a makeover (since the roots are growing out pretty wildly)!!!

I scheduled my appointment on a weekday morning with their stylist, Godwin. He greeted me with a cup of tea and asked for my choice of hair treatment for the day. I told him I wanted something Ash Brown, towards a blue undertone. Then I waited for about 4 hours, including hair wash, blow dry, treatment and setting (I wanted my hair to be in bouncy curls). Scroll down below for pics and my take on the salon!

My hair was bleached at the roots part to even out the hair colour tone. It wasn't painful, but when the actual colour kicks in, my scalp felt a burning sensation!!

Gosh, my scalp was actually covered in dandruff for the following week. It was only temporary, but if you are one of those who loves your healthy hair, take my advice and don't ever ever bleach more than twice at one seating. My hair become very thin till the point where it snaps easily without much force being put onto it (u_u)



The Ugly Truth - my scalp was flaked with dead cells, or better known as dandruff due to the burning sensation due to the bleaching/colouring session.

Honestly, the salon is so much like A Cut Above Academy, Sunway, minus the students. I used to be a super regular customer there where I coloured my hair the whole last few years. But the hair dyeing and treatment process from students can take up until ungodly long hours, thus I opted outside after that.

This salon doesn't really give me a super professional feel, thus if you are seeking for a more professional touch, do go to their HQ which is A Cut Above situated at Sunway Pyramid. They have more experienced stylists there. Initially they were quite rough on my hair, which led to unwanted hair breakage. They do listen to customers feedback, though, which is a good thing. If there are not many customers around, there will be other stylists to help colour and/or dry out your hair to quicken the process.

The salon's interior has a clean feel to it, nothing over the top or fancy. I actually personally prefer cosy looking salons. Well, that's just me.

For products, this salon uses mostly L'Oreal Professionnel products, and you can also find Redken and Kerastase (both are under the L'Oreal group) products used widely here.

If I were to rate this salon, I'd give it a 3/5. It gets the job done, nothing more than that. The process estimation may take longer than expected, too.

I was invited to a complimentary hair makeover by the team and this is my honest opinion on the service provider.