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Thursday, 19 June 2014

XES Premium Boutique Grand Opening & Summer 2014 Collection Preview @ Glenmarie, Shah Alam

Thursday, 19 June 2014

When you see the word 'XES'.... what's the first thing that comes to your mind?

Yes, yes... I had the same thinking that it's S-E-X spelled backwards!

Established in 2002, Managing Director Mr Simpson Wong created the XES brand under Shellys Marketing Sdn Bhd, headquartered at the Hicom-Glenmarie Industrial Estate in Shah Alam.

I first stumbled upon this brand sometime back in 2010, in Wangsa Walk Mall where I visited my very first XES shop! They were having a S-A-L-E at that time and I brought home two pairs of bejewelled sandals back then! I always remembered the brand name since it's very intriguing.... how ever did the owner come up with such a name for a family shoe shop???!?!! I recalled the brand only carrying simple ladies shoes and men leather shoes, nothing fancy like super high heels or wedges.

So anyways, fast forward to 2014 ---
XES now is moving towards premium quality ladies shoes and even expanded to handbags!!!
The brand has revamped itself and introduced a new tagline, "Superior Comfort for Happy Feet". Currently XES has more than 80 outlets all across major shopping malls and retail complexes (I usually see them in hypermarket malls such as Giant, Tesco, Mydin)

I was one of the privileged bloggers to be invited for their premium boutique opening in Glenmarie, Shah Alam recent Tuesday!
(Spot famed local models Venice Min & Gibson Yee as the faces of XES!)

Aside from launching the boutique, which is very near their HQ, XES also took the opportunity to unveil their latest Summer 2014 collection!

XES is also a partner of long time comfort shoes Scholl, a brand my mom personally loves because of its extremely comfortable design! Every new year she never fails to spend the most money on her shoes because she claims that "they're worth every penny!"

After the unveiling of their latest collection, PR Manager slash Emcee of the Day slash long time friend of mine, Sabrina Quigley Chin announced ---

"Bloggers get to take home a pair of shoes...

Imagine how thrilled everyone was!!!
I know during the last event they gave the same exclusivity to bloggers, so I'm glad they kept the same sentiment and made us bloggers felt super special on that day!

For your info, all the new collection were priced between RM49.90 to about RM149.90 (including their classic Zodiac collection), so most girls rushed the most expensive ones haha. There are some Scholl shoes retailing at RM200++ and I was even tempted there too!

And...... I didn't choose a pair of shoes.







I got a bag pack instead!
With a little hamper that comes with a rose incense, card reader (how thoughtful for bloggers!) and a silver shoe keychain!
(´ ▽`).。o♡

Overall, I see a bright future for XES and I can safely say that they are rising higher to the likes of local brand Vincci. Not quite there yet, because they are targeting a different crowd, but yes surely making a household name for themselves in the Malaysian shoe retail line!

The new XES premium boutique is located at -
No.13, Jalan Juruaudit U1/37, Hicom-Glenmarie Industrial Estate.

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