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I'm in the Running for... female/GUESS BLOGGER AWARDS 2014!

I'm just gonna make this announcement short and sweet :)

I have been nominated for ...
female/GUESS Blogger Awards 2014!

I'm so thankful for the team at female for selecting me! I just started blogging regularly this year and my, this is such AN HONOUR! Especially to be amongst established bloggers (some have been blogging longer than me, but I personally think the content quality is what makes it count!) :D

A little bit of background of the brand GUESS and myself...
...I have always liked the brand GUESS ever since I was in high school! My gymnastic coach is an avid fan of GUESS... everything! The handbag, accessories, clothes and shoes! So during my high school days, since I look up to my coach highly, I always aimed to be like her one day (including the dressing)!!! I even saved up so much (as a high school kid my allowance is only about RM200 one month) just to purchase my VERY FIRST GUESS HANDBAG & WALLET! Since then I have accumulated so many GUESS products over the years but the one staple product would be their ICONIC DENIM! I always, always remember GUESS campaigns featuring sexy bombshells, my favourite being Paris Hilton!

And of course when Amber Chia won the Guess Watches Timeless Beauty International Model Search 2004, that was then when I fell in love with Guess watches also!

So yes, I have a lot of good and beautiful memories with GUESS, so this award makes it even sweeter!

So back to the whole female/GUESS Blogger Awards, the website looks like this -

8 nominees, all decked up in denim!
(Our theme is denim, the previous year theme was also the same)

After clicking on my picture, it will bring you to my details and a short description on "why denim completes my look" (errrr... I actually purposely went all out to dress up to take this photo okayyyy! :D)

Prizes up for grabs:

Grand prize:
  • A two-page feature in the September 2014 issue of female
  • RM2,000 cash
  • GUESS voucher worth RM2,000
  • An award badge to display on the winner’s blog

Top 3 prizes:

  • RM500 cash
  • GUESS voucher worth RM1,000
  • An award badge to display on the winners’ blog

4 Consolation prizes:

  • GUESS voucher worth RM500

5 Lucky Voters:

  • GUESS voucher worth RM500

Denim jeans have always been a staple in my closet as I have always been in my jeans especially during my college days! It gives me such luxury to play it up or wear it down, in addition to interchanging my workwear so easily into party mode! I just need to bring an additional top/blouse and I'm good to go!

So my family, friends and faithful readers, I need a tiny weeeeeee bit of your time every day to help vote for me (since this contest is based on 100% votes) until the 15th June 2014. You also stand a chance to be the lucky voter who walks away with RM500 GUESS voucher!

Don't wait, my time is limited so click this link, takes one minute to sign up and VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!!! Bookmark the webpage (Ctrl+D) and refresh (F5) every day when you go on your computer/smartphone!

So this is me, lucky number 7!

The link:

Pleaseeeeeeee help me, because I want to win this really badly! :3
Cross my heart & hope to get my votes from you!

p/s: err.... sorry I think I kinda went overboard with this announcement, but nevertheless! :)


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