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Friday, 20 June 2014

Barbie Ash Grey Lenses Review

Friday, 20 June 2014
I'm usually not a big fan of huge contact lenses (anything above 14mm is considered BIG for me), 
because I think they always make me look like an alien! 

Like this...
(◐ o ◑ )

So anyway, here's a try at BARBIE Contact Lens. 
Barbie = Doll-like, right?

Let me know your thoughts?

Even when this photo is taken with flash in natural light, the colour of ash grey is still not obvious. So if you like natural looking cosmetic lens, this could be another alternative for you!

The good thing about ordering from HiShop is that they provide a 
complimentary lens case together as well! 

I do think that yes, it does enlarges my pupils but I personally think the grey colour is not so obvious in real life and even in pictures though (I always prefer super coloured lenses if I am going to poke something into my eyes, I make sure they're super obvious, else I won't bother hehs)

I rate this product 2.5 out of 5. Not really my liking because ash grey colour is not obvious
(´Д` )

Diameter :16.2mm, Water Content: 38%, Base Curve: 8.6mm, Replacement Period: 12 months, Country of Origin: Korea, Manufacturer: Dueba

Price RM35.00
They have more colours and designs over there!

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