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Friday, 13 June 2014

5 Minutes Makeover Challenge with Hair Depot X Butterfly Project at e@Curve!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Is it possible to be do a makeover within 5 minutes?

Apparently, ten of us beauty bloggers from the Butterfly Project were given this almost impossibruuuuuu task of changing our look in such a short given time!

So once an impossibru challenge is given, especially when there is a HUGE PRIZE AT THE FINISH LINE WAITING, the answer would be .....


So down we went to e@Curve, Mutiara Damansara on a Saturday afternoon (this was the same day as THRIFTaholic Bazaar, I ditched my booth for few hours so that my bff Olivia & sisi Pearl can take care of the booth while I hop over to this event in hopes to win a hair curler worth RM380)

There was a promotional area by our sponsor Hair Depot / KCARESHOP at the South Side, Ground Floor selling lots of slashed down prices of hair straightener, curlers and whatnots!

We were given the task of using the FBT 360 Auto Spin Curler to curl our whole head within 5 minutes! Before we begin, we sat through a mini demo by the brand rep, teaching us how to use the hair curler. We were grouped in pairs, and my partner of the day was Ker Chi. She has long black hair with blonde highlights, thus I guess the advantage is with her since my ultra bleached hair (it's been dyed 5 times and coloured multiple times) is severely damaged and almost impossible to manage (ohwoeisme!).

There were two huge horizontal mirrors for our usage with two curlers side by side for the challenge. Since there were 10 of us and only 5 units to be won, meaning only half of us will walk away with the curler while the rest goes back empty handed (why so unfair sigh)!! The curler was worth RM380 so yes, everyone did tried their best to win it!!! COME ON, 50/50 chance is VERY HIGH, considering there were only 10 of us! :D

I am very satisfied with the outcome of my hair!!!

Apparently my super damaged hair managed to hold up all the curls, something that I was very surprised about!! XD

Pic above - Tammy Lim, Founder of The Butterfly Project giving a little speech before the prize ceremony began. She said that actually we were up against our partners (10 bloggers, 5 pairs, 5 curlers)!!! So I was quite confident on winning the hair curler since my curls lasted longer ngehehehe! (oh also thankiu Tammy-san for helping me snap snap all these pics during the event hehs)

Pic below - Hair Depot rep explaining that everyone is a winner!!!! because everyone will be taking home a goodie bag with Green Ology Organics hair serum and hair protectant spray worth RM130++! (however I went there to win the hair curler, plus the chance is really high, I still secretly want the curler!)

So each pair was called out and eventually I DIDN'T WIN THE CURLER *curses*

And there was one particular pair (see above pic bottom right), BOTH GIRLS GOT THE CURLER!!!!11111 *doublecurses*

So nemai, I consoled myself saying I already got 101 curlers at home (some more untouched *shy*) so I mustn't be so greedy (but I still want the curler!!!! sobs)

Then I faked smile and pose for the group pic, pretend to be happy even though I became a loser fml


Why I want the curler so badly is because....

I got the Vidal Sassoon 32mm curler, Babyliss Pro Auto Curler, hair straightener turned curler, mini portable hair straightener which also can double up as a curler..... 
but I still think THIS beats all of them!

See the video then you would understand!!!!

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