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Vaseline 'Dry Skin Restored' Media Launch

Hey all!

I just attended the Vaseline launch yesterday and I bumped into several friends from freelance and blogging! I always look forward to attending these kinda events because firstly, I love beauty products! And of course not forgetting, I get to meet up with my friends!! *happy*

Though you have been seeing Vaseline body lotion in the market for quite sometime, I think this event was specially made to remind all women to moisturise their body more regularly! According to a study by Vaseline, 56% of Malaysian women still do not moisturise their body regularly!

This is definitely alarming as skin dryness could lead to premature ageing! ‘​Dry Skin Restored’ campaign aims to highlight to Malaysians, both men and women, the importance of protecting themselves from skin dryness and to educate them that body moisturising is not a lifestyle choice but a daily necessity.

My lovely freelance friends Penny Yiing & Charlotte Aiwa

Blogging friends Melody Khor (she's my gymnast junior too!) & Alice Tan

Emcee of the Day -- Xandria Ooi
(I always secretly think she resembles Edna from Pixar's The Incredibles!! hehs)

Members of the media were then taken a tour of the Dry Skin Restored roadshow held on the first floor of One Utama Shopping Centre. We were separated into three media groups to experience three different humidity levels to mirror our daily lives - street, office and hot shower - all of which dry the skin! (YES APPARENTLY HOT SHOWERS DEHYDRATES THE SKIN!) That's because we will emit sweat, which in turn the body loses its moisture! So as going to the gym!

Soon after which we adjourned to Delicious back again for lunch!

Just a quick note, the Vaseline Total Moisture range contains natural ingredients such as aloe vera, oat and cocoa butter, and an innovative technology, Stratys-3® to deliver extended moisturisation to the skin. Specifically, Stratys-3® is a revolutionary multi-layer complex that infuses and suspends moisture while delivering nourishment across skin's top, core and deep down layers of the skin without sticky feeling.

So basically, Xandria shared that why most women don't like putting on body lotion is because it leaves a sticky feeling on the body. To be honest, that's why *I* hardly put on body lotion too.

However, after the brand ambassadors let us have a few samples of trying out the lotion for ourselves, I'm glad to say the Vaseline lotion indeed DOES NOT leave that sticky feeling!

Also, the special technology of Stratys-3® allows the lotion to stay on the body for a longer period of time. Thus we do not need to keep reapplying it onto our body.


With so many lotions out there, there is no excuse for one to skip moisturising the body. A little every day goes a long way to ageing gracefully! ;)


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