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Friday, 9 May 2014

Turning 26 @ beeQnails

Friday, 9 May 2014
I turned Twenty Six on May 7th!

And what better to spend it than a whole day of 
(me time)?

Ok, not the whole day, but first half of the day!

I checked in myself to BeeQnails (pronounced BEE-KIEW Nails, not Beek Nails lol) at SS2, Petaling Jaya. I got myself a whole set of gel mani+nail art+pedi+hands/legs wax FULLY SPONSORED! Thank you Stephy Foo! OH THE JOYYYY!!! :')

The place is strategically located in the heart of PJ, and VERY EASY TO LOCATE! I drove into the porch (parking is FREE!), and was greeted by the beautiful and petite shop owner - Melissa Lee! (sorry forgot to snap a selfie together this round!).

Why is it called beeQ?
Well Melissa explained that her then boyfriend (now husband) used to call her that - which means "Queen" in Chinese. Before opening her business, she used to do nails for her husband's friend's girlfriends and wives. So they used to refer her as "beeQ" too! So the name just stuck ever since!

This nail salon is an OPI partner, meaning almost all their nail care products are by OPI (my fave nail brand!) Their customer service is excellent because I was treated like the ultimate PRINCESS!!! 

That is Melissa's back btw hehehe.

I actually arrived late for my appointment, but Melissa was very EXTREMELY ACCOMMODATING! Understanding my birthday eve was the night before, she kinda knew that I may oversleep (hehs). So I reached there about 3.30pm, timing was just right after a customer left.

I was immediately asked for my drink of choice (I could choose between Milo, Coffee, cranberry tea, soft drinks, etc) so I opted for my cheapo fave drink Nescafe! Melissa was sooooo nice, she even threw in a handful of FAMOUS AMOS COOKIES!! And a few more cups of coffee heeeee!

We then proceed to turn on the TV to choose between a huge array of movies, which then I picked American Pie (because I wanted something light, funny and a no-brainer)! 

We started off with pedicure and I decided to go for SUPER DIVA BLINGED TOES!

About one hour plus later, I got my legs and arms waxed for the VERY FIRST TIME (zomg virgin much)!!! And I was a bit worried that it will be painful (no thanks to all the stupid movies), however the pain is very much tolerable! Well, coming from a piercing addict that is, lalalalala~~

When it came for time to get my fingers done, I was given a vast array of studs and diamond choices to glam up my nails! There were choices of ribbons, flowers, little planet-like things and even CHROME HEARTS! <3

So I now has ze pretty nailsss!!

Nails upclose.

So the whole session took me about 4 hours (hello, its called self-pampering, not supposed to be rushed hehs). I was having so much fun picking out the designs from mags and getting inspiration from Instagram while sharing my life stories with my manicurist. All in all, it was a super pleasant visit and I am looking forward to visit there again very soon! ;)

Some other nail designs beeQnails has done in the past, for inspiration -

So yes. If you wanna do your nails. And be a princess(!!!!!). Please book your appointment with Melissa (she was an ex-accountant and speaks superb English btw)! Melissa is trained to make your nails super pretty with all the blings and diamonds! ;)

To those who are curious, my gel mani costs RM90 and additional RM110 for design plus accessories. Pedi is RM50 plus glitter RM15. If you join as a member, you are entitled for 10%, 15% or 20% discount - how cool is that? :)

Do remember to mention my name to enjoy a 10% discount for all nail services!

No 89, Jalan SS2/75, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 
03 7866 0935 / 016 555 5935

Operation hours:
11am till 9pm (Monday - Friday)
11am - 6pm (Sat,Sun,Public Holiday)

Instagram @beeQnails


  1. i LOVE this space! doesn't it feel so nice & homey?? the owner's really really nice, too. fave nail place because of its customer service!! the really nice digs helps, too.

  2. @sgrmse.
    YES I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PLACE!!! I love the owner most tho HAHAHAHA! I must agree with you, customer service is EXCELLENT! When was your last time visiting there? ;)


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