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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

THRIFTaholic Bazaar

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Hi ladies!

I have some exciting news for you all! I will be participating as a vendor in THRIFTaholic Bazaar along with other bloggers and fashionistas this coming Sunday 18 May 2014!

Details as below -

Venue // Upward Yoga Studio, Saujana Resort Subang
Date // 18 May 2014 (Sunday)
Time // 11am - 6pm

If you wanna take a sneak peek of what I'm gonna sell, head on down to my Carousell page here - And trust me, there will be more party dresses and accessories coming up (which I hadn't had the time to snap pics of yet)! 

Here is how the place looks like!

And these are the other fellow lovely ladies joining for the preloved bazaar!

Amanda Kok
Photographer for the day! She charms you with her laughter and impresses you with her ability to match clothes effortlessly. Her style is very feminine and she gives out a very “Earthy” kindda feel from her dress ups. This down-to-earth diva is one of the nicest person you’ll ever meet!

Audrey Puiyan
Miss Malaysia World 2013 Finalist and 1st Runner Up for TOP GIRL The Face Shop Malaysia. A blogger, a dancer, an interior designer. With her designing background, she has a great taste in fashion and a talented mind to mix and match her outfits. Funky, edgy and sweet is how I would describe her style and she loves contract colorful outfits.

Emma Shazleen Ali
Emma is one of those girls who are petite but extremely cute and has the greatest taste in fashion so you’ll never NOT notice her even though she’ll small-sized. Her style varies from street to glam to edgy to sweet, so she’s basically everything you see on lookbook! Haha, This famous fashionista and past intern for Tongue in Chic is going ways in the fashion industry, if you’re up to date, you’ll know who she’s is.

Janice Kong
She’s cute, she’s funny, and it’s always a pleasure to have her around. This girl brings laughter to the table and with her girly sweet fashion sense, she looks really adorable all the time. Has a great taste in fashion and even owns her own online boutique!

Juliana Lee
The organizer of the event! 
Her clothes are pretty bold and edgy as she's an outgoing and daring person. LOL. Her style is pretty versatile as well because she can go from sweet to edgy rock/ street look. Do come support us yes?  

Olivia Shyan (BFF!)
CLEO & Stuff Magazine Cover Girl 2013 Finalist. She’s a mix of Spanish, American, Thai & Chinese. It’s no wonder she has such an exotic look with the cutest dimples that could make any girl jealous! With a great taste in fashion she also has her own online boutique. This multi-talented lady is a blogger and emcee, oh and she also does pole dancing?? Damn, salute to this extraordinary diva!

Ting Sue Lyn
She’s genuinely kind-hearted and a well-known local fashionista! Everywhere she goes, everyone loves her because she brings love and joy to the people around. Her style is very lady-like, sweet, and gorgeous! you needda come check out how amazing it is yourself!

Vickie Kaythrine Lee
She’s outgoing, fun and daring. She has a sportier laid-back look and enjoys colorful comfy street style chic fashion. The way she looks and dress up may bring out a very LANSI and cool vibe, but actually she’s one of the cutest friends around.

Not forgetting....

At our event, vendors will have special receipts with our stamp on it that will prove your purchase amount! Remember to ask them for it as they could be too busy! When you have collected receipts worth up to RM100 (can be accumulated from any vendors), Visit the little Jar of Hearts and show us your receipts, and may the odds be ever in your favour!

You will get a chance to try your luck & draw a heart from our JAR OF HEARTS. There will be some awesome prizes to be won, one of them being 2 beautiful & brand new dresses from Nunfish

*stay tuned & follow our event page for sneak peeks and announcements guys!

RSVP your attendance here and get updates on THRIFTaholic Bazaar!
See you people there! 

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