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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

THRIFTaholic Bazaar (post event writeup)

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

I prepped the whole week for this event, sorting out my stuff from Carousell and additional stuff from my closet and even some leftovers from my previous clothing venture.

So it was a super tiring event for me but the sales ain't that great cos my clothings are being blocked by my neighbours (thanks Oli & Audrey =P). Also well, halfway throughout the event I left for two hours for a blogger event at e@Curve (to be updated soon!).

I wanna take the time to make a big shoutout to Juliana Lee & Vickie Kaythrine for making this event happen! I also wanna credit my sister for waking up early and helping me the whole day (I OWE YOU SIS!). I saw many other cool stuffs from fellow vendors but I resisted the urge to buy more since my closet is already bursting from every angle D: so yes reduce in clothes shopping I must!! *sobsob*

My partner in crime Olivia

Founder of THRIFTaholic Bazaar, Juliana Lee

Co-Founder, Vickie Kaythrine Lee

For those who missed out this event, there will be another PART TWO (or so says the organizer)!!! Look out for this space and be updated through Facebook! A Page has been created to keep in touch with the fans here: 

Till the next bazaar again, loves!

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