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Self Stirring Mug by Granton World

Let me show you something SUPERRRR CUTEEEE while I was internet browsing the other day!

You know, how much of a BIG COFFEE ADDICT I AM right....
(erm, my nail salon partner beeQnails can attest to that hehehe!)

So when I saw this product, I know I HAD TO GET IT!!!

It's called a....


It's fully battery operated (runs on two AAA batteries) and it's super lightweight, easy to clean and portable! It is made of stainless steel on the outer layer, and it comes with a snap-lock lid to keep drinks hot or from spilling out!

The self-stirring mug is the ultimate LAZY GIRL'S MUG because it easily dissolves cream and sugar without a spoon. There is a little whirring disc at the bottom spins and froths drink without the need to using any spoon or straw.

This is available at Granton World Malaysia and retails at RM29 (free nationwide delivery).
Click here to find out more about this cute mug :D