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Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Prodigy KL Launch

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Before Prodigy was launched, I used to frequent Butter Factory KL a whole LOT. Like almost every other week. That's like my go-to place when it comes to clubbing, mainly because I know like half of the management staff there. Friendly and lively bunch of people. Well now after the issue with the using the Butter Factory and all, JV Entertainment have now renamed the club into PRODIGY KL.

They have undergone MAJOR RENOVATION WORKS and the club looks entirely different from when it first launched! Same venue, same bunch of fun people, but with of course a whole lot NEW FRESH energy and music! I always remember having good times partying at Butter Fact previously, unlike *cough* Zouk *cough* since free flow events are APLENTY and hot classy local AND foreign models and gents always party there!

Keep in touch with the latest happenings of Prodigy KL at their Facebook Page by clicking here.

Oh btw if you are wondering, the dress I wore is from a local online boutique called Nunfish. I heard of them once upon a time during circa 2009-ish but now it seems that they have a comeback! (esp by using my four gorgeous friends Olivia Shyan, Cassandra Janice Yong, Audrey Puiyan & Amanda Liu as their in-house models!). They have extremely affordable dresses so go check them out ;)

Pic credits: Andy Kho, Adrian Lau, Prodigy KL

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