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Monday, 21 April 2014

How to get a good night's rest?!

Monday, 21 April 2014
Well, I'm not gonna give a loooong lecture on how to cure insomnia or stuff like that, but rather, I'd give a few tips on "How to Fall Asleep Quick".

  1. Meditate. (How can you not fall sleep by closing your eyes and think of nothing? lols)
  2. Be silent and throw the phone away.
  3. Start doing something very energy draining in the bedroom. Like... very VERY DRAINING! (Think of cleaning your bedroom! What were you thinking!?! lols)
  4. Do Add Maths. Or Sudoku. Or some IQ test. This will surely use a lot of brain power!
  5. Take a sleeping pill.
  6. If all else fails......



Number One.
Dust mites and bed bugs. Who likes sleeping with dirt or unwanted micro organisms eeewwww~!!!

Number Two.
Human dead cells. I cannot stress enough how much unseen "dirt" goes on the bed. Especially old ones! This is the MAIN REASON why you *still* have breakouts or pimples and rashes!

Number Three.
You will surely want to impress your "special someone" with a nice clean bed, no?

You'll definitely fall asleep once you are in a cosy beautiful bed. No questions asked.

See this woman having a good time in a pink fluffy bed? 
You, too can have the same luxury WITHOUT the hefty price tag.


So yes, this is YOUR CHANCE to grab that nice bed sheet too. Or anything similar. All happening this weekend at Syopz, Taylor's Lakeside Campus in conjunction with #MalaysiaClothesBuffet.

I'm so looking forward to buying THAT PINK SAKURA BED SHEET from Aussino because it's such a SWEEEEEEET DEAL!!

See you bargain hunters there!

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