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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Duriana presents... POP IN POP OUT Market Day & BBQ Party!

Tuesday, 18 March 2014
I'm shy to admit that this is my FIRST TIME EVER STEPPING INTO PALATE PALETTE since its establishment in Dec 2006 (heh)! Always been hearing about the quaint place but never really got the chance to visit!

So anyway, it was in early February (last month) it was so happened that an event was about to take place there. I immediately sprinted at the chance cos who knows when will the next event take place there again? lol.

For those who are curious, the organizer for this mini shopping / makan event is a company called Duriana. Duriana is a new Malaysian mobile marketplace app, available in both Malaysia and Singapore launched since Dec 2013. Unlike existing classified e-commerce systems such as Mudah and Lelong, Duriana positions itself as a social selling app, which merges functions of Instagram and eBay (how convenient!)

This was what went down! (pun intended heh)

Downstairs: we had a BBQ party

Guys mending the BBQ stove for yummeh food!

Me in between Shivani Balraj & Edazz Lucinda

Stickers and props for photo ops :)

View from the main entrance of Palate Palette

I ordered Steak & Cheese sandwich and it was ABSOLUTELY DELISHHHH!!!

Upstairs: there was a mini market filled with vintage & preloved vendors!

 Instagram uploads of the day

If you must know, many of the products in this bazaar curated by Duriana could also be found on the app itself. Duriana is available for download on iPhone, iPad and Android systems. You could also sell your second hand stuff on the app to make a little side income! Go check the app now today!


  1. Wow, just spotted myself in one of your pictures at Palate Palette! How funny...


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