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Sunday, 16 February 2014

My Romantic Valentines 2014

Sunday, 16 February 2014

In the evening I went to Number 76 (known for the best place for hair colouring & hair braids!) to prep my hair! I opted for loose curls and some braids at my fringe because I was going to be an emcee for my bf's Chap Goh Mei X Valentine's Day Open House that night. More on this event when pics are ready from the photographer! ;)

Me as an emcee for the night.


So I received the most romantic Valentine's Day gift:

I am the luckiest girl in the world because I always wanted a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet. I often reminded myself that I will not succumb to Pandora because Pandora is cheap TS is more luxurious and tasteful :) This Valentines, I received a TS charm bracelet, complete with SIX CHARMS! Yes, SIX! Each of them which represents a part of me :)))
(extra smiles because the smiley can't contain wide and goofy smiles lololol)

  1. Cupid diamond heart - Marks our first Valentine's Day together (I also like to think of it as our first date reminder where cupid was really working hard that night!)
  2. Globe - My dream is to travel around the world
  3. Snowflake - Christmas is my most favourite time of the year (I literally don't mind listening to Christmas songs everyday lol)
  4. Margarita - My extreme love for parties & clubbing! And of course, EDM music!
  5. Treble clef - This represents him, who's into singing & guitar!
  6. Heart Thomas Sabo - Represents this bracelet, which he got for me knowing that I love 

To my boyfriend, thank you for making this happen! Yes, dreams really do come true when I'm with you! iloveyouJSZF


  1. lovely bracelet dear! so nice :) btw i've followed u! mind following me too? ^_^

  2. @Sandra
    Heyy! Thanks for the compliment, I followed you back :)


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